EDU 690 Master's Thesis/Project

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the research sequence courses as defined by SUNY Fredonia's College of Education (COE). Prerequisites for enrollment in this class include 30 credit hours in your program of study and a grade of B or better in EDU 660. TESOL students have unique requirements for this final capstone course as defined by the COE's Master's Project Handbook. Therefore, EDU 690 is offered primarily as a structured independent study where students, with guidance, complete their approved Master's Research Project independently. Students will make appointments with the professor as necessary. Students entering the class without an approved EDU 660 or Human Subjects Review (HSR) proposal must meet with the professor every week until your proposal is approved by the professor. The primary goal of this course is to enable TESOL candidates to develop and complete your capstone project/thesis while learning skills and being provided with resources and support. Students will design and complete a high quality project/thesis. Students will either continue their work in 660 or will develop an exhaustive literature review and a hypothesis/problem area/research question(s) to be examined, and design a methods section. Depending on which option (curriculum project/action research/master's thesis) will determine the remaining requirements, but students will be obliged to meet all expectations outlined in the COE Master's Project Handbook. You will be required to disseminate your findings/project to an approved conference (e.g., SUNY Fredonia's Research Expo is a great place to start).




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