Interdisciplinary Studies Self-Design Minor

Office:  806 Maytum Hall
(716) 673-3173
Dr. Carmen Rivera, Associate Dean for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Students who are currently in a departmental major may self-design an Interdisciplinary Studies minor combining courses from a minimum of two disciplines. Student will need to declare the minor with the Registrar’s Office using a Change of Major form. Students who are enrolled in any of the Interdisciplinary Studies majors may not declare a self-design minor.

Requirements for minor in Interdisciplinary Studies Self Design

  • A group of six to nine courses focused on a particular topic or problem studied from many different points of view.
  • Courses must be from a minimum of two different departments (disciplines), with no more than 9 credits from any one discipline, as indicated by the course prefix (POLI, SOC, etc.).
  • Courses must be beyond the introductory level (200 level and above) for the disciplines, with a minimum of 50% of the courses at the 300-400 level.
  • Maximum of 6 credits can overlap with required courses for the major (3 preferred).