Counseling Center

Office: 15 LoGrasso Hall
(716) 673-3424
Tracy Stenger, Director

The mission of the Fredonia Counseling Center is to promote student intellectual, social and emotional development that fosters academic and personal success within a global and culturally diverse society. The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling sessions, skills workshops, outreach presentations and includes services aimed at preventing substance abuse and violence on campus. Professional counselors work individually and with groups to help students understand themselves better, resolve problems, come to terms with difficult issues, and/or address important decisions. Additionally, a psychiatric consultant visits weekly to assist those students in need of psychiatric evaluation and medication. Free, confidential mental health counseling services are available to all registered students.

The Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention (SAVP) program, an outreach service of the Fredonia Counseling Center, strives to create a campus culture in which members make informed and responsible decisions regarding their personal and community health. SAVP works to reduce the incidence, prevalence, and severity of substance abuse and interpersonal violence related problems among Fredonia students. This comprehensive program coordinates initiatives; facilitates collaboration; provides training, advocacy, and intervention services; and educational opportunities in the following areas: alcohol and other drugs; rape and sexual assault; relationship issues including dating and domestic violence; and stalking.

For more information on the services offered through SAVP, please contact the Counseling Center or visit the website:

The Counseling Center is located in LoGrasso Hall.  Appointments can be made in person at the reception desk or by telephone at 673-3424. Information about services being offered for the current semester including groups, workshops, and wellness ideas can be accessed through the website:

In most circumstances, the difficulties that students face can be addressed through the usual process of setting up an appointment with a counselor and discussing the issues concerning the student. However, there are circumstances when crisis situations in which immediate or same-day intervention by a counselor is called for. Emergency psychological services are provided to the campus community by Counseling Center staff for such crises.

Fredonia’s Counseling Center provides a 24-hour emergency service to the University.

  • If a crisis arises during working hours, students should contact the Counseling Center directly by either calling 716-673-3424 or by going directly to the Counseling office located in LoGrasso Hall.
  • When students come to the Counseling Center in crisis, they should make the secretary aware that they require immediate and/or same-day assistance.
  • Outside of regularly scheduled working hours, students living on campus are advised to notify their Resident Advisor (RA) or Resident Director (RD) of the crisis, who may then decide to engage Counseling Center emergency services.
  • Students may also reach the Counseling Center emergency services by contacting University Police (716-673-3333).

A Note About Confidentiality

Counseling Center client information is confidential within ethical and legal guidelines. Information can only be released with the written consent of the student, except in situations where a student poses a threat of serious harm to self or to others, or in the case of abuse/neglect of a minor, or in the case of a court-ordered release of information.