Declaration of an Additional Major

Students who are interested in completing more than one major program must obtain the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar and secure written approval from the department chairperson or interdisciplinary coordinator of the intended additional major. Most students will complete both majors within a single degree, and the completion of both majors will be noted on their official transcript.

Students are generally not permitted to earn multiple degrees, nor declare multiple majors, from the same academic department. Exceptions include the following: Biology with Biology Adolescence Education; Chemistry with Chemistry Adolescence Education; Communication (all majors); Computer and Information Sciences (all majors); History/Social Studies; Geology with Earth Science; Mathematics with Mathematics Adolescence Education; Applied Mathematics with any other Mathematics major; Music (all majors); and Physics with Physics Adolescence Education or Industrial Management.

Additional majors must be declared at least one semester prior to the date of graduation.