PSY 510 Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Critical review of recent contributions to the field, including topics such as motivation, learning, personality, perception, and social influence.


PSY 546 Classroom Expectancy Effects

The formation and impact of expectancies will be discussed. Research in both psychology and education will be presented. The creation of self fulfilling prophecies and their effect on student achievement will be emphasized. (Cross-listed as EDU 582.)


PSY 550 Studies in Psychology

Exploration in-depth of selected topics in psychology. Major focus varies from semester to semester.


PSY 570 Japanese Culture and Education

The course overviews the Japanese educational system and Japanese educational psychology. Historical influences on Japanese educational values are considered. An in-depth examination of the nature of typical Japanese schools at all levels of compulsory education is included. Unique educational approaches, such as juku and kumon, are reviewed. (Cross-listed as EDU 581.)