HIST 391 History of Christianity I

History of Christianity I introduces the student to the broad narrative of the religion’s development within a historical context. The course explores the formation of Christian doctrines, faith practices, and institutions until 1517 within broader cultural, social, and economic parameters, while addressing the impact of specific events and personalities on the formation of Christian spiritualities and identities. The course aims at a balance between the study of doctrine and practice. Of particular importance is an exploration of the impact of non-Christian religious and philosophical traditions on the formation of Christian doctrines and practices. Students will also gain an understanding of the academic study of religion as a field of inquiry in its own right, with reference to theories of religion and terminology from the field of religious studies.




HIST 101 or HIST 115 or HIST 134 or HIST 303 or HIST 304 or HIST 305 or INDS 120


Every other year