History Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in History

Forty (40) credit hours in history, at least 18 hours of which must be at the 300-level or above, with the exception that follows. Of those 18 hours, 3 hours may be taken from among the 200-level surveys in African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history. Six (6) credit hours above the 100 level must be taken in courses that focus on the period prior to 1800. Before taking 300- or 400-level courses, students should have completed HIST 100 (History Introductory Seminar) and HIST 201 (Doing History). All students must complete a Capstone Seminar (HIST 495/ HIST 499*). Selected students will have the opportunity to participate in the History Department Honors Program. Students must earn at least a C- in all classes required for the major.

The program must include the following:


HIST 100History Introductory Seminar


HIST 201Doing History


HIST 495Capstone Seminar



HIST 499Honors Research Seminar


*HIST 499 by invitation only. The course is required for students who wish to graduate with honors in History.


6 credit hours in each of the following categories: U.S. History; European History; Non-Western History for a total of 18 credit hours. Only 12 credit hours may be taken at the 100 level.


9 additional credit hours in a primary concentration and six additional credit hours in a secondary concentration. Concentrations to be chosen from the following list, after the majority of Foundations courses have been taken:

  • U.S. History
  • European History
  • Non-Western History
  • Comparative History (thematic or regional; developed in consultation with advisor)
  • Other Thematic Concentration developed in consultation with Advisor (e.g., Urban History, Environmental History, Minority Studies, the History of Cultural Exchange).

Requirements for Transfer Credit

Students transferring credit to Fredonia should normally expect no more than 21 credit hours earned elsewhere to apply to the major in History. As a rule, the department will not accept as equivalents of upper-level courses (above HIST 299) credits earned at two-year colleges. HIST 100, HIST 201, and the capstone requirement (HIST 499 or HIST 495) must be completed at Fredonia.

Other Requirements:

Majors must fulfill all testing and assessment requirements set by the department. Students whose objectives require a different program may, upon petition to the department chairperson, seek approval for a program of their own design.