Decision Process

We offer you the opportunity to declare your major program of study when you enroll at Fredonia. Approximately three-quarters of all new freshmen select a specific academic major, although the decision to choose your program of study is optional. You must select a major by the end of your sophomore year. Since some programs are highly specialized and require careful academic planning, you may wish to discuss declaring your major with an admissions counselor. Transfer students who have accumulated 45 credit hours must declare a specific major. You will be notified by mail of an official decision after the Office of Admissions receives all required credentials. All acceptances are conditional upon receipt of a high school or college transcript indicating successful completion of courses in progress, submission of your medical history, and evidence of appropriate immunization. You must submit an advance deposit to reserve your place in the entering class.

Advance deposits secure a place in the class and room in a residence hall for a specific semester and are not transferable to another semester. Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Director of Admissions prior to May 1 (for fall enrollment) and November 1 (for spring enrollment), or 30 days after acceptance, whichever is later.

Early Decision: The Early Decision option provides you with an opportunity to identify Fredonia as your university of choice. This admissions program permits you to tell us of your interest in pursuing your studies here. Universities participating in an early decision program anticipate that those candidates who are accepted through Early Decision will submit an admission deposit and withdraw all other university applications. Early Decision allows you to finalize your university plans early in your senior year of high school. To be eligible the Admissions Office must receive your application and all supporting credentials by November 1. By December 1 the Admissions Office notify all early decision applicants and begin to review all other requests for admission.

Freshman Admission: The Admissions Committee considers a variety of criteria when reviewing applications, evaluating quality of academic preparation including depth and breadth of course work, academic achievement, and the results of your SAT or ACT. Our university is committed to a liberal arts education for all undergraduates, and preference is given to those applicants who present strong academic programs in English, social studies, mathematics, science and foreign languages. We ask that you send us the results of your SAT or ACT for review. Admission to college is a matter of meeting the competition among applicants, and a comprehensive, challenging university preparatory program combined with good achievement will help ensure that your application is competitive. The Admissions Committee also reviews supporting credentials including special talents, activities, essay, individual accomplishments, and recommendations. Appropriate faculty evaluates the results of a required audition if you seek admission into our music or B.F.A. theatre programs. As an applicant to our Department of Visual Arts and New Media you must present a portfolio for review.