Learning Center/Disability Support Services

The Learning Center, located on the fourth floor of Reed Library, is a place where any Fredonia student can go to get help from student tutors. Tutoring is free and is available in most subject areas on a drop-in basis. Subject areas include but are not limited to: math, English/writing, computer science, physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology, Spanish, economics, business administration, accounting, biology, geology and history.

The Learning Center philosophy is that tutoring is not teaching and tutoring sessions are based on where the student is in his or her understanding of course material. Students must have at least attempted their assignments. The goal of tutoring is to help students with their assignments in a way that will help them become successful in all of their classes.

The center also has computers available for students to work independently or with tutors on assignments and projects. Students are encouraged to use the Learning Center for resources to help develop successful study skill strategies, and to get assistance with understanding course material.

Learning Center tutors are successful students who have been recommended by faculty to become tutors. Applications are accepted for tutoring positions in March. Final decisions are made by the end of April after a series of interviews. Tutors are then hired for both semesters of the following academic year.

The Learning Center provides language support services for English as a second language (ESL) and is also the home of Disability Support Services for Students, the Full Opportunity Program, and the 3-1-3 Program. The Learning Center can be reached by calling (716) 673-3550 or by email at learning.center@fredonia.edu. The Learning Center's website is located at http://www.fredonia.edu/tlc. More information regarding the Full Opportunity Program (FOP) can be found at https://home.fredonia.edu/tlc/full-opportunity.

For more information about Disability Support Services, please refer to the college policies on disability support services for students (fredonia.edu/catalog/Disability Support Services: Policies and Procedures).