Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts students are those students who are exploring the major options offered at Fredonia. The Liberal Arts program is not a major. Exploration will occur as the student takes courses that fulfill the General Education Program required of all students. Declaration of a major is not required until the second semester of the sophomore year, the semester in which one customarily completes 60 credit hours. Most students decide on their major during the sophomore year, prior to reaching 60 credit hours.

The Director of Academic Advising is the primary advisor for Liberal Arts students. The Director of Academic Advising is located on the fourth floor in the Carnahan-Jackson wing of Reed Library. The Director assigns the Liberal Arts student an advisor, who may be a faculty member or a qualified member of the professional staff.

The Liberal Arts Freshman Year Experience is a mandatory, year-long program designed to assist Liberal Arts students in their exploration and selection of a suitable major. The program has three major components: the Liberal Arts Advisement System, including Liberal Arts Liaisons; the Liberal Arts Freshman Seminar in the fall; and a Major and Career Exploration Course in the spring. For more information on the seminars, contact the Director of Academic Advising. See