MAED 207 Mathematics Tutoring in the Community

The course is designed for students working as Math and Science Partnership mathematics tutors in the local community. Students eligible for the work-study program or working as volunteers, tutor in area schools or after-school programs. The course examines issues such as getting children interested in mathematics, how to explain various topics, working with groups vs. individuals, and cultural differences. Problems encountered in the tutoring experience will be discussed. Students must apply through the Mathematical Sciences department.


MAED 208 Special Topics

Selected readings, discussions, and problem solutions on a topic in mathematics education at an introductory level. Permission of department required.


MAED 240 Statistics for School Teachers

This course will include data collection, random sampling, numerical and graphical summaries, statistical variability, the logic behind tests of significance and confidence intervals, simulation, regression and chance. Activities for learning statistics and resources available for teaching and learning statistics at a middle school level will be used.


MAED 276 Literacy and Technology for Science and Mathematics

The course provides an overview of the processes involved in literacy acquisition and instructional technologies available to enhance teaching in science and mathematics. The relationship of reading and writing, and aspects of writing development and writing process appropriate to each stage of reading development will be presented. Topics: conceptual and methodological issues related to instruction and acquisition of reading, the role and use of technology in literacy instruction, assessment of candidate's reading and writing, diversity in reading acquisition, use of computers, graphing calculators and other multimedia applications.