LANG 300 Special Topics on Lang & Lit

Special topics in Modern Languages and Literature not covered in detail by regular courses.


LANG 315 Transitions in Bulgaria

The goal of the course is to learn about Bulgarian history, culture, politics, economics, geography, and language with an emphasis on contemporary Bulgaria and the transition from Communism to democracy and capitalism. It is designed for students with no knowledge of Slavic languages. Comparison and contrasts with other Eastern/Central European countries will be made.


LANG 322 French Civilization/Culture

Introduction to the political development of France and issues of community, family, gender and class in determining French national identity. Topics include Gothic cathedrals, Joan of Arc, the chateaux of the Loire, the Sun King and Versailles, Le Louvre, the age of reason, Napoleon and the establishment of the Republic.


LANG 323 Germany Since 1918

Cultural aspects of the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and contemporary Germany. Guest lecturers, readings, and films in English.


LANG 327 Magic Realism in Latin American Literature

A study of conflicting definitions by scholars of what is and is not Magic Realism. Readings will include works by authors considered by many critics (rejected by others) to be practitioners of Magic Realism. The opinions of these writers will also be incorporated into the study, through recorded and published interviews


LANG 340 Introduction to Liberal Arts in Puerto Rico

This course will provide introduction to the study of what it means to be Puerto Rican and to the understanding of Puerto Rican society. This Fall one-credit course will prepare students for their study abroad interdisciplinary experience in Puerto Rico during J-Term.


LANG 342 Liberal Arts in Puerto Rico Meets OSCAR

This course is the culmination of the interdisciplinary cultural immersion in Puerto Rico, where student will produce a research paper and poster presentation at OSCAR, putting together what they learned from the lectures, related field trips, living experiences, research, and discussions.



LANG 340

LANG 371 Canadian Writers

An introduction to some of Canada's most significant writers, both anglophone and francophone. Although this is primarily a literature course, considerable attention will be devoted to Canadian history and politics, and to the notion of the Canadian identity.


LANG 378 Canada Today

A look at the history, politics, culture, and geography of Canada and an analysis of contemporary issues affecting Canada and its neighbors.


LANG 380 World in Cinema: Special Topics

The course will introduce students to the films of a specific country and/or culture. The films will serve as a text through which students will learn about the country's history, culture, and the socio-political issues affecting that society and how they are depicted through film. Films will be seen in the original with subtitles in order to expose students to the language in which they were filmed. The course can be repeated as its content changes.


LANG 385 German Film

The course will address contemporary civilization in Germany in that it will examine its artistic expression in drama and film. The works of major directors such as Fritz Lang, Leni Riefenstahl, Werner Herzog, and Wim Wenders will be examined. Short examples of Fassbinder, Schlondorff and vonTrotta will be shown to contrast their work and style.


LANG 388 Spanish Civilization/Culture

A comprehensive introduction to aspects of Spanish civilization and culture: geography, history, social customs, political movements, literature and art. In English.