ENED 352 Teaching Writing in the Primary Grades

Examines the writing process as it applies to primary-grade students and offers developmentally-appropriate approaches for teaching drafting, revising, and editing.


ENED 353 Reading and Writing Children's Literature

A study of children's picture storybooks and their use across the elementary school curriculum, combined with the craft of writing stories for children and the art of teaching story writing to them.


ENED 354 Literature for Intermediate Grades

The course presents a study of a range of texts written for, by and about children in the 8-12 year old range. Students will learn about the cognitive, social and psychological development typical of this time in children's lives and will consider these changes in relation to children's home, school and community experiences. Students will discuss and prepare to teach these texts in an inclusive manner to a wide range of students through the use of a number of "best practices" for literature instruction.


ENED 355 Adolescent Literature

Study of and written responses to a broad variety of texts written for, by, and about adolescents. Examination of the adolescent experience as it is depicted in this literature, with an emphasis on multicultural education, cultural diversity, and the educational system. Students will discuss and prepare to teach adolescent literature to children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


ENED 356 Teaching Writing in the Secondary School

Study of and practice in strategies for teaching the process of writing: pre-writing, drafting, revision, editing, and publication. Includes methods of assessing and writing.


ENED 357 Literacy/Language/Learning Theory

Study of philosophical, sociological, and psychological theories of language, linguistics, and learning theory used to explore the nature of the reading process, how people learn to read, how people make meaning from print and other media, and how teachers might help students become more capable readers.


ENED 358 Teaching Writing in the Intermediate Grades

Analysis of the writing process as it applies to elementary students. Approaches to teaching writing as a means of learning throughout the elementary-school curriculum.


ENED 359 Teaching Poetry in Elementary and Middle School

Practical approaches for helping elementary and middle school students experience and enjoy many forms of poetry. Includes reading, writing and collecting poems.


ENED 360 Multicultural English Education in Theory and Practice

This course will allow students to gain several constructive meanings of diversity issues that are associated with five major multicultural theories circulating mostly within the U.S. field of education. Additionally, through engaging in the processes of being analytical, critical, and self-reflexive, students will be challenged to grapple with the complexity and controversy of teaching diversity issues. Moreover, students will examine how gender, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation issues inform their instructional goals, curriculum planning/implementation, and practices in the teaching of literature, language, and composition in K-12 English Language Arts classrooms.


ENED 399 Special Topics in English Education

Variable-content course; topic announced in the online Course Offerings each semester that the course is offered.