EDU 540 Content Area English as a Second Language

The course explores Sheltered/Scaffolded English as a Second Language Instruction. This translates as workplace know-how and student-learning that is clearly delivered. Students benefiting from this format will have content broken down into manageable learning units and instructors will learn how to communicate these more simply. Ultimately, both the instructor and the learner will communicate effectively and sustainable learning will ensue. Participants in the course will learn how to deliver instruction and how to create instructional materials using this model. The ultimate goal of the course is to explore the different content areas in both school and the workplace to be able to translate instruction into meaningful learning. Cognitive-Academic Language Learning Approaches (CALLA) and other content-area Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) lessons will be covered. The SIOP model will be emphasized. Assessment of learning in the second language content-area is presented.




EDU 519


EDU 541


Offered on occasion