Music, School of

Office: 1151 Mason Hall
(716) 673-3151
Dr. Melvin P. Unger, Director
Dr. Laura Koepke, Associate Director and Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Barry M. Kilpatrick, Assistant Director

Curricular Area Chairs and Coordinators:

Academic Studies
Dr. Gordon Root

Music Education
Dr. Katherine M. Levy

Dr. Sarah Hamilton

Music History/Literature
Dr. James A. Davis

Music Theory
Dr. Gordon Root

Music Composition
Dr. Robert Deemer

Music Therapy
Dr. Joni Milgram-Luterman

Sound Recording Technology
Dr. Bernd Gottinger

Applied Studies
Mr. Sean Duggan, Keyboard
Dr. Kay H. Stonefelt, Percussion/Harp
Dr. Susan Royal, Woodwinds
Dr. Harry P. Jacobson, String
Dr. Barry Kilpatrick, Brass
Dr. Joe Dan Harper, Voice

The State University of New York at Fredonia School of Music is internationally recognized for its programs at the undergraduate and graduate professional level. It provides the foundation of outstanding musicianship for all music majors and enriches the cultural life of the campus and community. Its mission is to provide the resources and guidance necessary to motivate students to seek excellence in their individual careers in music education, performance, composition, musical theatre, music therapy and sound recording. In an environment oriented to the individual, it endeavors to create musicians who will assume vigorous roles as leaders and participants in significant musical experiences.

An audition is required for admission to a degree program in the School of Music. All first-year students have essentially the same course work, and specialization increases in each subsequent year of study.

All students pursuing a degree program in the School of Music take private lessons on their principal instrument (Applied Music) and will be involved in ensembles.

Statement on Applied Study: A grade of "F" in any semester of private applied study or a grade of "D" in two consecutive semesters of private applied study will result in the removal of the student from the School of Music curriculum.

Statement on Ensembles: Students following a Bachelor of Science degree program in the School of Music must earn a total of four (4) credits in ensembles. Enrollment is required especially during the semesters of private applied study. Students in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music degree programs must be in a 1-credit ensemble each semester of residency as a minimum. This enrollment will be using the principal instrument unless specifically exempted by the administration of the School of Music. Students in residence for more than four years should continue in 1-credit ensembles as a minimum, unless advised otherwise. Students in Musical Theatre or Music Business should refer to the ensemble requirement information under those program descriptions.

No student may be in more than four ensembles in any given semester.

Statement on the Graduate Program: The School of Music offers three graduate degrees: Music Education, Master of Music; Music Performance, Master of Music; and Music Theory-Composition, Master of Music.

Statement on Accreditation: The following sections describe the degree requirements of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Music and are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The Music Education, Master of Music also is accredited within Fredonia's Professional Education Unit, by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).