Pre-Professional Programs

Students may arrange pre-professional programs to prepare for specialized training in engineering; health related areas such as dentistry, medicine, optometry, and veterinary medicine; or law. Students seeking admission into professional schools should obtain the catalog of the institution they hope ultimately to enter and develop their academic program, insofar as possible, according to the listed entrance requirements.

Advisement on pre-medical, pre-dental, and other health related programs may be obtained from the Health Professions Advising Committee through the Department of Biology, located in the Science Center. Students interested in these careers are encouraged to register with the selection committee through the biology department as early as possible to ensure appropriate advising on matters of course and major choices, and application procedures to professional school.

Advisement for pre-law is available along with LSAT preparation workshops. Students should choose a major within any department and enroll in the Pre-Law Advisement group as soon as possible, to ensure appropriate advising on course choices and law school application procedures.

For information on Pre-Medicine and Allied Sciences, see those program pages.

For information on Pre-Law Advisement, see those program pages.

For information on engineering, please check with the Director of the Cooperative Engineering Program. Contact information is provided in the Engineering (Cooperative) portion of the catalog.