Student Life on Campus

Residence Life

On Campus. Because the university realizes that an important part of a student's total educational development is the housing unit in which they live during their stay in Fredonia, the Office of Residence Life attempts to provide students with facilities conducive to adequate study. Through the learning experience of group living, resident students acquire a greater awareness and understanding of themselves and their ideas, as well as a greater concern for and consideration of the other members of the community.

Although on-campus housing is reserved for full-time matriculated undergraduate students, the university will accommodate single graduate students if space is available.

Freshmen and sophomores (two years post high school) who do not live with parent(s) or spouse within 50 miles of the campus are required, as a matter of policy, to live in university housing for the full academic year. Any exemption to the regulation must be granted, in writing, by the Director of Residence Life. The housing license is for the entire academic year and cannot be canceled during this period as long as the student is registered, regardless of class standing. There is a $350 fee for approved termination of the housing license.

Assignment to a residence hall is first-come, first-served, based on the date of submission of a completed housing application and license.

Fredonia is composed of a variety of residence halls in corridor and suite configurations, all of which have a 24-hour intervisitation policy.  Each hall is home to a staff that will provide programming and offer a warm, caring atmosphere conducive to educational and social growth. 

The single gender halls for men: Chautauqua (corridor), Grissom (suite); and for women: Alumni (corridor), Kasling (suite), Nixon (corridor).

The co-educational halls include: Disney (suite), Eisenhower (suite), Hemingway (suite), Hendrix (suite), Igoe (suite) McGinnies (corridor), Schulz (suite).  The co-ed halls are typically not available to freshmen.  Kitchen Suites: Three- bedroom suites including a full kitchen are available to upper level students in Disney and Eisenhower halls. 

Gregory Hall (corridor) and University Commons (suite) are co-ed, independent living halls (ie: guests do not sign in) and restricted to upper level students. University Commons consists of 124-premium spaces, featuring single and double rooms.  Two rooms share a bathroom and each room is equipped with heat and air conditioning which can be controlled in the room, a television and a microfridge unit. 

University Village Townhouses are new to Fredonia as of Fall 2014.  These townhouse units offer an independent living experience for upperclassmen.  Each unit contains four single rooms, laundry facilities, kitchen area and living room area.  Every two rooms share a bathroom & each room is equipped with a full sized bed.

All residence halls are locked on a 24-hour basis.  Residents are provided with electronic door access, and their guests must be escorted at all times.

The Office of Residence Life continually reviews the interests and objectives of students in an effort to provide facilities that will assist them in the educational process. There is an Aerobics Center in Hemingway Hall, a Wellness Center in Schulz Hall, and a Craft Room in Disney Hall. Each residence hall room provides access to cable television and the wired Resnet online network. The residence halls and rooms can also access the secure wireless network. See the Resnet website for more detailed information,

The University Commons, Fredonia's residential complex which opened in 2006 is a two-story addition to Cranston Hall. The University Commons includes the Cranston Marché dining facility, convenience store, bookstore and Starbucks Coffee. The residence hall accommodates 119 students in "premium" air-conditioned rooms with a bathroom for every two bedrooms.

Detailed information about university housing facilities for students will be provided upon request by the Office of Residence Life, Gregory Hall, State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY 14063, at the website listed above, or

Regulations governing occupancy of residence hall rooms will be provided by the Office of Residence Life at the time the housing packet is forwarded to students. All occupants within the halls are expected to comply with the appropriate regulations.

For the cost of housing, see the Admissions and Financial Aid section of the catalog on University Expenses.

Off Campus . Off-campus housing information is maintained in the Student Association Office located in the Williams Center. An online search for available office-campus housing is available at

ResNet Office. ( The ResNet Office is an Information Technology help desk that provides services and support for students, staff and guests living in the residence halls. The staff works closely as a team to facilitate information technology support calls as well as other projects throughout the year. ResNet employs 5 to 10 students every semester as ResNet Technicians. The staff works closely as a team to facilitate information technology support calls as well as other projects throughout the year. The ResNet office is located on the first floor of McGinnies Hall (Room 154) and is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. ResNet provides the following services for students, staff and guests living in the residence halls:

  • ResNet High Speed Ethernet Connections
  • ResNet Secure Wireless Access
  • Hardware and Software Assistance
  • Electronic FredCard Door Access
  • Residential Network Security
  • Residence Life Staff Multi-Media Equipment
  • Residence Life Smart Classroom
  • Fredonia Computer Purchasing Program
  • Residence Life Axis TVs

Students living on-campus may bring their computers into the ResNet Office for repair or they may schedule an in-room appointment to have a ResNet Technician assist them with their computer related problems. For more information, students should contact the office at (716) 673-3668 or by emailing

Counseling Center

Counseling Center

The mission of the Fredonia Counseling Center is to promote student intellectual, social and emotional development that fosters academic and personal success within a global and culturally diverse society. The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling sessions, skills workshops, outreach presentations and includes services aimed at preventing substance abuse and violence on campus. Professional counselors work individually and with groups to help students understand themselves better, resolve problems, come to terms with difficult issues, and/or address important decisions. Additionally, a psychiatric consultant visits weekly to assist those students in need of psychiatric evaluation and medication. Free, confidential mental health counseling services are available to all registered students.

The Counseling Center is located in LoGrasso Hall.  Appointments can be made in person at the reception desk or by telephone at 673-3424. Information about services being offered for the current semester including groups, workshops, and wellness ideas can be accessed through the website:

In most circumstances, the difficulties that students face can be addressed through the usual process of setting up an appointment with a counselor and discussing the issues concerning the student. However, there are circumstances when crisis situations in which immediate or same-day intervention by a counselor is called for. Emergency psychological services are provided to the campus community by Counseling Center staff for such crises.

Fredonia’s Counseling Center provides a 24-hour emergency service to the University.

  • If a crisis arises during working hours, students should contact the Counseling Center directly by either calling 716-673-3424 or by going directly to the Counseling office located in LoGrasso Hall.
  • When students come to the Counseling Center in crisis, they should make the secretary aware that they require immediate and/or same-day assistance.
  • Outside of regularly scheduled working hours, students living on campus are advised to notify their Resident Advisor (RA) or Resident Director (RD) of the crisis, who may then decide to engage Counseling Center emergency services.
  • Students may also reach the Counseling Center emergency services by contacting University Police (673-3333).

A Note About Confidentiality

Counseling Center client information is confidential within ethical and legal guidelines. Information can only be released with the written consent of the student, except in situations where a student poses a threat of serious harm to self or to others, or in the case of abuse/neglect of a minor, or in the case of a court-ordered release of information.

The Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention (SAVP) program, an outreach service of the Counseling Center, strives to create a campus culture in which members make informed and responsible decisions regarding their personal and community health. SAVP works to reduce the incidence, prevalence, and severity of substance abuse and interpersonal violence on campus through the coordination of campus initiatives, training, advocacy, education, and intervention services.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center, located in LoGrasso Hall, provides currently enrolled Fredonia students with confidential primary care of acute illness and injury, health education, allergy injections, immunizations, preventative health and laboratory services.   Most services provided in the Student Health Center are provided without any additional charge to the student as they are funded by the mandatory health fee paid each semester.  Maintenance allergy injections, vaccinations, and PPD tests are provided for an additional charge to the student on their FRED card.  

The Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.during the academic year. The medical staff includes a board certified physician, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.  When necessary, referrals can be made to private physicians or specialists in the local area.  For more information regarding the Student Health Center services and staff, please visit the center's website at  Specific questions can be directed to our email at, or by calling the Student Health Center at (716) 673-3131.

When the Student Health Center is closed, emergency care is always available at Brooks Memorial Hospital. The hospital is located at 529 Central Ave., Dunkirk, approximately 3 miles from the campus. For any emergency on campus or when an ambulance is needed, the University Police should be called at 673-3333. If there is an emergency when you are off campus, dial 911.

All services provided outside the Student Health Center, such as outpatient laboratories, x-rays, and emergency room visits are the student's responsibility, and are not covered by the student health fee. 

Student Health Advisory Committee (S.H.A.C.)
The role of S.H.A.C. is to advise the campus President or designee on the status of health and wellness services and health education programs on campus. S.H.A.C. is composed of students members, faculty/staff, a Chairperson; Director of the Counseling Center, the Director of the Health Center, and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee are ex-officio members.

University Police Department

The University Police Department, located on the second floor of Gregory Hall, is responsible for all law enforcement related issues on campus.

Members of the department are trained in a community policing environment where students and the campus community share in keeping the university a safe place to study and work. University Police Officers are responsible for the security of all buildings and the protection of students, employees, and visitors. Duties include community policing, parking enforcement and all investigations.

The Chief of University Police is assisted by three lieutenants and 10 officers. The office maintains a close working relationship with the Fredonia Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in Chautauqua County.

For additional information about University Police, please visit their website at or email or call (716) 673-3333.

Office of Veterans Affairs

Office:  158 Nixon Hall

(716) 673-3423

Mark Mackey, Veterans Affairs Administrator

Fredonia takes pride in serving the men and women in uniform and assisting them in their educational goals. Located on the main floor of Nixon Hall, the Office of Veterans Affairs provides information, advice and processes the paperwork for the certification of veterans educational benefits. The office is staffed by part-time student veteran employees under the supervision of the Office of Veterans Affairs Coordinator and is open for business Monday through Friday; however, hours of operation will vary and be posted on the office door. The Office of Veterans Affairs can also be reached by emailing

Please note that Fredonia provides special services to students receiving VA educational entitlements:

  • Late Fee Waivers - Please visit the Student Accounts office web page for further details at
  • Tutoring - The Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office participates in the GI Bill Tutorial Assistance Program.
  • VA Work-Study Program - The Fredonia Veterans Office participates in the federal VA Work-Study Program.
  • Counseling Services - Trained staff with in the Counseling Center provide confidential counseling services.
  • On-Campus Housing Residency - While Fredonia requires all freshmen and sophomores to reside on-campus unless they live within 50 miles of the University, this residency requirement is waived for all students who have served on active duty and are receiving VA educational entitlements.
  • Deployments Without Penalty - Students serving in the military that are placed on active duty during a semester may withdraw and return to the university normally without academic penalty. However, it is left to the discretion of the course instructor to determine the appropriate course of action depending on the course of study. Students will need to provide the university a copy of official orders and follow the normal Leave of Absence Policy and Continuing Enrollment.
  • Military Credit Evaluation - Fredonia will evaluate all military transcripts (AARTS, SMARTS, ACE etc.) and provide as much transfer credit as possible in accordance with the program of study and university policies.

Fredonia has created the Veterans Affairs Support Team which includes specific staff members across campus from key departments who specialize in assisting students with veterans related issues. The departments include the following: Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, Counseling Center, Academic Advising, Student Accounts and Career Development.