Good Samaritan Policy

The welfare of students is the highest importance to Fredonia. There will be times when individual students, both on and off campus, may be in critical need of assistance from medical or other professional personnel. Fredonia expects that these students will seek help and that other students will respond to obtain the help that their fellow student needs. Fredonia wants to minimize any hesitation that students might have in obtaining help due to concern that their own behavior might be a violation of university policy.

While policy violations cannot be overlooked, the Office of Judicial Affairs will take into consideration the positive impact of reporting an incident on the welfare of students when determining the appropriate response for policy violations by the reporter of the incident. Any possible negative consequences for the reporter of the problem should be weighed against the possible negative consequences for the student who needs intervention. At minimum, Fredonia expects that a student would make a report that would put the student in need in touch with professional helpers.