Residence Life

On Campus. Because the university realizes that an important part of a student's total educational development is the housing unit in which they live during their stay in Fredonia, the Office of Residence Life attempts to provide students with facilities conducive to adequate study. Through the learning experience of group living, resident students acquire a greater awareness and understanding of themselves and their ideas, as well as a greater concern for and consideration of the other members of the community.

Although on-campus housing is reserved for full-time matriculated undergraduate students, the university will accommodate single graduate students if space is available.

Freshmen and sophomores (two years post high school) who do not live with parent(s) or spouse within 50 miles of the campus are required, as a matter of policy, to live in university housing for the full academic year. Any exemption to the regulation must be granted, in writing, by the Director of Residence Life. The housing license is for the entire academic year and cannot be canceled during this period as long as the student is registered, regardless of class standing. There is a $350 fee for approved termination of the housing license.

Assignment to a residence hall is first-come, first-served, based on the date of submission of a completed housing application and license.

There are 14 residence halls on the Fredonia campus, including corridor and suite-style buildings; some with kitchen suites. Residence hall activities attempt to integrate resident living experiences with the total educational program of the university. The residence halls are modern, comfortable, and convenient and allow a student the opportunity to establish independence and experiment with a variety of activities and experiences. Through hall council, students have opportunities to participate with other students in programs of their own choosing, to work on projects of interest to themselves and of service to others, and to communicate students' needs and concerns to the university. Although much of the responsibility for governing the halls lies with the students, an experienced and professionally trained staff member is in charge of each residence hall. The Residence Director, whose major concern is student welfare, is assisted by a staff of undergraduate resident assistants. They work with and advise students within the residence halls to develop broadly based educational and social programs that serve to offer opportunities for growth and involvement within the living situation.

The Office of Residence Life continually reviews the interests and objectives of students in an effort to provide facilities that will assist them in the educational process. There is an Aerobics Center in Hemingway Hall, a Wellness Center in Schulz Hall, and a Craft Room in Disney Hall. Each residence hall room provides access to cable television and the wired Resnet online network. The residence halls and rooms can also access the secure wireless network. See the Resnet website for more detailed information,

The University Commons, Fredonia's residential complex which opened in 2006 is a two-story addition to Cranston Hall. The University Commons includes the Cranston Marché dining facility, convenience store, bookstore and Starbucks Coffee. The residence hall accommodates 119 students in "premium" air-conditioned rooms with a bathroom for every two bedrooms.

Detailed information about university housing facilities for students will be provided upon request by the Office of Residence Life, Gregory Hall, State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY 14063, at the website listed above, or

Regulations governing occupancy of residence hall rooms will be provided by the Office of Residence Life at the time the housing packet is forwarded to students. All occupants within the halls are expected to comply with the appropriate regulations.

For the cost of housing, see the Admissions and Financial Aid section of the catalog on University Expenses.

Off Campus . Off-campus housing information is maintained in the Student Association Office located in the Williams Center. An online search for available office-campus housing is available at

ResNet Office. ( The ResNet Office is an Information Technology help desk that provides services and support for students, staff and guests living in the residence halls. The staff works closely as a team to facilitate information technology support calls as well as other projects throughout the year. ResNet employs 8 to 10 students every semester as ResNet Technicians. The staff works closely as a team to facilitate information technology support calls as well as other projects throughout the year. The ResNet office is located on the first floor of McGinnies Hall (Room 154) and is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. ResNet provides the following services for students, staff and guests living in the residence halls:

  • ResNet High Speed Ethernet Connections
  • ResNet Secure Wireless Access
  • Hardware and Software Assistance
  • Electronic FredCard Door Access
  • Residential Network Security
  • Residence Life Staff Multi-Media Equipment
  • Residence Life Smart Classroom
  • Fredonia Computer Purchasing Program
  • Residence Life Axis TVs

Students living on-campus may bring their computers into the ResNet Office for repair or they may schedule an in-room appointment to have a ResNet Technician assist them with their computer related problems. For more information, students should contact the office at (716) 673-3668 or by emailing