Academic Leave of Absence

The purpose of the Academic Leave policy is to ensure quality by providing continuity in the student's degree program and to provide a mechanism for obtaining appropriate academic leave. Academic Leave is defined as an appropriate, approved period of non-enrollment during a graduate student's degree program. Academic Leave will only be considered after a student has completed a minimum of one semester of graduate course work.

Students must apply to their academic departments for a one- or two-semester academic leave. If a student does not obtain permission from the department for an academic leave, he/she will be deemed inactive at the end of one non-enrolled semester and will be required to apply for reinstatement with no guarantee that he/she will be accepted back into the program. Students approved for an academic leave will not be required to apply for reinstatement.

The Associate Provost for Graduate Studies will be the final signatory for a student's request for academic leave. The Academic Leave form may be found at the following web address: