Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union, which has been in existence for over 25 years at Fredonia, is an organization that seeks to promote a feeling of unity and pride among students of African descent as well as provide a sense of cultural awareness throughout the campus community. The BSU contributes to the richness and diversity of student life by sponsoring lectures, artists, dancers, poets and musical productions throughout the year. Some of the organization's annual events include the People of Color Concerns Conference, the Black Achievement Awards Dinner, a fashion show, and Kwanzaa, an African American celebration that is an affirmation of cultural self-determination. Such people as Dr. Na'im Akbar, Kwami Toure, Dr. Bruce Bridges, Dr. Ivan van Setima, Jill Nelson, Bill Bellamy, Omar Tyree, Dr. Mark Anthony Neal and Dr. Ali Rashad Umrani, are just a few of the many who have joined the BSU family at Fredonia.