CDS 602 Topical Seminar in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Detailed study of selected topics in speech pathology or audiology. Content will change from semester to semester but will focus on a relatively narrow topic or issue of current interest. May be repeated for credit.


CDS 605 Advanced Clinical Methods and Practice

A speech-language pathology externship in which graduate students are assigned to a health care facility, rehabilitation center, speech and hearing clinic or an educational setting. Students perform diagnostics and therapy with patients at the facility under the supervision of a licensed and ASHA certified staff speech language pathologist. Students enrolled in CDS 605 must have completed all CDS 502 clinical courses.


CDS 606 Research Design in Communication Disorders and Sciences

An introduction to research design and statistical methods necessary to critically read and evaluate research. Study of scientific principles, methods and controls used in research, and design and evaluation of group and single-subject studies. Emphasis will be placed on the application of evidence-based practice in clinical settings.


CDS 608 Neurogenic Language Disorders

The etiology, characteristics, assessment, prevention, and treatment of neurogenic language and cognitive-communication disorders (e.g., aphasia, right hemisphere syndrome, traumatic brain injury, dementia) will be presented via lectures/discussions, case analysis, demonstrations and in-class activities. Emphasis will be placed on differential diagnosis and treatment planning.



SPA 551 or CDS 551

CDS 609 Independent Study

Provides advanced graduate students the opportunity to work individually on problems of special concern not available through other course offerings under direction of qualified department member.


CDS 611 Motor Speech Disorders

The etiology, characteristics, assessment, and treatment of the dysarthrias and apraxia of speech will be presented during lectures/discussions, videos, CD-ROMs, demonstrations, and in-class activities. The course will provide Speech-Language Pathology students with a solid foundation in normal motor speech processes, which will serve as a basis for the assessment and treatment of disordered speech production.


CDS 619 Comprehensive Exam

A written comprehensive exam evaluating knowledge base in assessment, intervention, etiologies, prevention and characteristics of ASHA standard courses.


CDS 629 Directed Studies in Research Methodology - Thesis Research

A minimum acceptable for the degree is 3 credit hours


CDS 632 Graduate Student Teaching

Field based clinical practicum in a public school, rehabilitation center, Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) or other appropriate educational setting. Cooperating speech-language pathologists supervise students in providing assessment and treatment services to clients with communication disorders.