CDS 100 Freshman Seminar in Speech Language Pathology

Freshman Seminar in Speech Pathology is a 1 credit course that is intended to help incoming Communication Disorders and Sciences freshmen succeed at SUNY Fredonia and become lifelong learners. The course introduces first year students to the academic and social aspects of college life, and is designed to empower students to become successful learners at the collegiate level. Freshman Seminar in Speech Pathology provides both an introduction to the nature of college education and a general orientation to the functions and resources of the college as a whole.


CDS 115 Introduction to Sign Language

Introduces the student to three major areas of learning to use a signed language. First, deaf culture is explored. Second, manual communications as a language is surveyed. Third, the practical application of sign language as a method of communication is stressed and practiced. In class and out of class practice is emphasized.


CDS 150 Introduction to Communicative Disorders

Introduction to and overview of the field of communicative disorders (speech, language and hearing). Interactions with related disciplines in the humanities, and in the behavioral, biological and physical sciences, as well as study of the normal communication processes.