College of Education Honors and Awards

Excellence in Student Teaching Awards

Open to all students who complete the student teaching practicum. The college supervisors will submit nominations of student teachers at the conclusion of each student teaching experience. To receive the Certificate of Excellence, a student must receive two nominations and demonstrate "exceptional promise" of continued growth as a future classroom teacher.

Professionalism Awards

Open to all students at any level in any education program, including graduate students. Each faculty member may nominate up to four students each semester. To receive the Professionalism Award, a student must demonstrate a set of values and attitudes consistent with the highest professional standards. The values and attitudes must be demonstrated in concrete ways in their interactions with members of the faculty, school personnel, and P-12 pupils.

Scholarships and Awards

Each May, the College of Education hosts an Awards Celebration for education student who receive a scholarship or award. Monetary values of awards may vary from year to year, but the eligibility criteria remains unchanged. The application process is fully electronic. The submission period is usually in March of each year and usually includes the university Spring break to allow students time to complete their application forms. Some award recipients are determined by faculty nomination. Students should consult the College of Education website for application forms and details of awards.

College of Education scholarships and awards are open to all education majors unless the award itself carries specific criteria. For the purposes of these awards and scholarships:

  • "graduating senior" means any student successfully completing an education program in December, May or August of the award year,
  • "senior" is any student with 89+ credit hours at the time of application,
  • "junior" is any student with 57-88 credit hours at the time of application,
  • "sophomore" is any student with 24-56 credit hours at the time of application,
  • "freshman" is any student with fewer than 24 credit hours at the time of application,
  • "education major" means any student enrolled in any first time Initial Certification, Teacher Education program at any level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

This excludes students in programs requiring an initial certification for entrance, but includes the following Programs as identified on the COE webpage:

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Childhood Education (CE)

Childhood Inclusive Education (CIE)

Early Childhood/Childhood Education (EC/CH)

Music Education K-12

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL K-12)

Adolescence Education: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, French, Spanish, Physics, Social Studies, Math & Middle Childhood Math, and Adolescence Science Education (MAT).

Note: Adolescence education majors should also consult their discipline departments for discipline-specific awards.

Current Scholarships include:

Baross-Clothier Scholarship

Faith Elizabeth Bean Memorial Scholarship

Thelma Brynolfson Scholarship

Winifred Budd Scholarship

Helen Buderkin Award

James D. Burdick Memorial Scholarship

Chautauqua County Retired Teachers Award

Class of 1953 Neil Postman Memorial Award

Class of 1954 Award

Class of 1955 Award [alternates yearly with Music Dept.]

Class of 1965 Reunion Endowment  [alternates yearly with Music Dept.]

Clifton Scholarship Fund

Anthony Deiulio Scholarship

College of Education Endowment Scholarship

Anthony  J. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Charles and Shirley Erbsmehl Scholarship

Dr. Arthur & Katherine Kaiser Scholarship

Philip Kochman Scholarship

Helen Kelly Lillie Memorial Award

Richard & Arlene LoGuidice Award

Lucille Ellis Mack Scholarship

Floyd & Mabel Melvin Scholarship

Carol Scrace Pierce Award

Louis E. Raths Scholarship

Margaret Sawkins-Hastie Award

Marjorie E. Woods Scholarship

Sanford and Lillian Zeman Award