Athletic Coaching Minor

Minor in Athletic Coaching (21 credit hours)

The Athletic Coaching minor is offered to students seeking certification from The New York State Education Department (NYSED) to coach athletic teams in the public schools.  Recipients of this minor will also have certification necessary to work in community programs and private schools and organizations. 

The NYSED requires the following courses to partially meet the requirements for coaching certification:

First Aid Skills and Knowledge

Principles, Philosophy and Organization of Athletics in Education

Health Sciences Applied to Coaching

Theory and Techniques of Coaching

To complete the minor, students must also take the following courses: Fitness and Nutrition, Sport Psychology, pre-internship and an internship completed under the direction of a certified experienced coach.

Additional information concerning NYSED Coaching Certification may be found at

Course Requirements:

HLTH 115First Aid Skills and Knowledge


HLTH 303Fitness and Wellness


PSY 237Sport Psychology


SPMG 220Health Sciences Applied to Coaching


SPMG 221Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education


SPMG 321Theory and Techniques of Coaching


SPMG 400Sport Studies Internship