Scholarship Opportunities

Fredonia offers approximately $2 million in merit- and need-based scholarships to academically qualified students each year. For scholarship application procedures, go to Scholarship recipients will be notified on a rolling basis beginning February 15, 2014 with a response date of May 1, 2014. Scholarship review continues until all awards are offered and accepted.

Alumni Scholarships

The Fredonia Alumni Association awards scholarships yearly to students who are children and grandchildren of Fredonia alumni. Interested persons should contact the Alumni Affairs office at (716) 673-3553 or email for more information.

For information on scholarships open to all majors, contact the University Scholarship Committee, Office of Student Affairs, 605 Maytum Hall, (716) 673-3271 or email For departmental scholarships for specific majors, persons should contact the appropriate department.

Fredonia College Foundation

Department Scholarships/Awards/Funds (as of 6/13)

Following is a list of scholarships/funds that are awarded through the academic departments. The awards are based on academics, talent, financial need or other criteria established within the discipline. Interested persons should contact the department in their major directly to obtain specific requirements and application procedures for the awards.


James H. and Eleanor Annis Endowment (alumni '30, '40 respectively)

Athletics Department*

Blue Devil Boosters Club*

Blue Devil Boosters Individual Funds*

Blue Devil Director of Athletics*

Corydon Crowell Memorial Fund (alumnus ’80)

Depledge/Poummit Basketball Award (alumni ’31, ’33, respectively)

The Gregory Fund

Sandra Haight Memorial Scholarship

Kirk J. Krull Basketball Endowment (alumnus '78)

Jim and Mike Lawlor Soccer Program Endowment (alumni '73, '74, respectively)

Doris Newman Memorial Scholarship

Phillips Cross Country and Track/Field Endowment

Greg and Linda Prechtl Scholarship (alumni ’69, ’71, respectively)

* Department Funds


Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Adele Maytum Hunter Scholarship

Kelly Family Scholarship Endowment (alumnus '82)

Mary J. Marletta Memorial Scholarship


1929 Graduate’s Award - Bioethics

Constantine Barker Fund

Biology Department Endowment

Biology Department Fund*

Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Joseph and Jane (Schuster) Falcone Endowment for Scholarship and Research (alumni '74)

Archer and Mabel Fox Scholarship

Bruce and Nancy Garlapow Memorial Scholarship (alumni ’74, ’75, respectively)

Adele Maytum Hunter Scholarship

Kourelis/Stavrides Award for Outdoor Interests (alumna '46)

Ken Mantai Endowment

Medical Technology Program Fund*

Molecular Genetics and Recombinant Gene Technology

Major Alice M. Sam, USAF Ret. and Adele R. Sam Biology Scholarship

Willard Stanley Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Robert Wettingfeld Undergraduate Research Award

Michael and Marie Kaufman Yochym Biology Scholarship

Yunghans-Dietter Research Award (formerly Merlin Biology Fund)

Yunghans-Mirabelli Science Achievement Scholarship

* Department Funds


Bennett Accounting Endowment

Donald C. Brandt Memorial Scholarship

Business Administration Alumni Achievement Scholarship

Business Administration Fund*

Business Administration Alumni Fund

Enactus Endowment (formerly SIFE)

Enactus Music Business Award (formerly SIFE)

Franklin B. Krohn Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Raymond Lai Professional Development Fund for International Business (alumnus ’75)

Mancuso Family Fund

M.R. Poummit Achievement Award (alumnus ’33)

School of Business Fund*

    Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Endowment (see Enactus)

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Music Business Award (see Enactus)

Gary M. Tripp Memorial Scholarship (alumnus '02)

Stephen and Carol Eck Ward School of Business Scholarship (alumna ’81)

* Department Funds


Raffaele Borriello, M.D. and Suzanne T. Casden Chemistry Department Endowment (alumni '77, '76, respectively)

Chemistry Department Fund*

Frank J. Costanza's Greenhouse Memorial Fund

Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

David Dingledy Memorial Scholarship

Gavin Family Scholarship (alumni '60, '63. '92, '93)

James J. Kaminski Scholars Endowment (alumnus '69)

Kelly Family Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Robert Maytum Scholarship

Carolyn Ruth Moos Scholarship

Gilbert and Ruth Moos Outstanding Senior Award

OUR (Outstanding Undergraduate Research) Future Award

Dr. Jerome H. Supple Memorial Scholarship

Byron A. Thumm Scholarship

* Department Funds

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Fund

Title III Endowment


Louis C. and Dr. S. David Adler Scholarship (alumni ’52, ’48, respectively)

Dan Berggren Excellence in Audio/Radio (EAR) Scholarship

Anne Bernstein Memorial Scholarship (alumna ’82)

Communication Department Endowment

Corydon Crowell Memorial Fund (alumnus '80)

Edward S. Edelman Scholarship

Anthony J. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Arthur R. Maytum Scholarship

Arlie Muller Parks Award (alumna ’59)

A.J. Pierce Scholarship

Richard G. and Pamela C. Ryan Endowment Scholarship Fund

* Department Funds

Communication Disorders and Sciences

Constantine Barker Fund

Mitchell R. Burkowsky Memorial Award

Friends Forever – Class of 1958 Scholarship

Kristen M. Luther Memorial Scholarship (alumna '01, '02)

Alan Nichter and Annmarie Woloszyn Nichter Scholarship in Communication Disorders and Sciences (alumni '69, '70, respectively)

Esau A. and Susan S. Sam Family Scholarship

Schaffer Family Scholarship

Rebecca Snyder Memorial Scholarship (alumna ’83)

Speech Pathology Department Fund*

Gustave and Geraldine Werner Scholarship (alumna ’29)

Lt. Gen. Louis E. Woods Scholarship

Henry C. and Ida H. Youngerman Scholarship

* Department Funds

Computer and Information Sciences

John Beck Memorial Scholarship

Feng Chiang Scholarship

Computer Science Endowment

Computer Science Fund*

Debbie Joy Scholarship (alumna '76)

Arthur R. Maytum Scholarship

* Department Funds

Cooperative Engineering

Herbert P. Carlyon Scholarship for Cooperative Engineering

Cooperative Engineering Scholarship

Dr. Robert Maytum Scholarship

Criminal Justice

Steven C. Croglio Endowment (alumnus ’97)

Charles H. Patrick Jr. Memorial Scholarship

University Police Scholarship for Criminal Justice


Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Christine Dilacqua Endowment (alumna '75)

Economics Department Fund*

Hart-Gorman Economics Fund

Arthur R. Maytum Scholarship

* Department Funds


Baross-Clothier Scholarship (alumni ’47, ’43, respectively)

Fanny Bartlett Award

Jessica Mary Beal Scholarship

Faith Elizabeth Bean Memorial Scholarship

Thelma Brynolfson Scholarship (alumna ’38)

Winifred Budd Elementary Education Scholarship

Helen Buderkin Award

Laura A. Cirrincione Education Scholarship (alumna '76)

Class of 1953 Dr. Neil Postman Memorial Award for Education

Class of 1954 Scholarship

Class of 1955 Scholarship

Class of 1965 Scholarship

Clifton Scholarship (alumna ’66)

College of Education Alumni - Committee of Friends Scholarship

College of Education Fund*

College of Education Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Estelle M. Crino Educational Leadership Scholarship for Promising Women Leaders (alumna '77)

Anthony M. Deiulio Scholarship

Charles R. and Shirley Miller Erbsmehl Award (alumna ’58)

Friends Forever – Class of 1958 Scholarship

Heichberger Family and Scholars of Leadership Endowment

Helen L. Johnson Legacy Scholarship (alumna '52)

Dr. Arthur L. Kaiser and Katherine Kaiser Burch Education Scholarship (alumni '44, '53, respectively)

Annette Hartigan Koch, '52 Elementary Education Scholarship

Philip Kochman Scholarship

Helen Kelly Lillie Memorial Scholarship (alumna ’37)

Richard and Arlene LoGuidice Award (alumni ’65)

Lucille Ellis Mack Scholarship (alumna ’50)

Herbert Clark Mackie and Marion C. Mackie Award

Suzanne McLain Scholarship (alumna '91)

Floyd and Mabel Smith Melvin Scholarship (alumni 1899, 1910, respectively)

Samuel F. Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Carol Scrace Pierce Award

Louis E. Raths Scholarship

Byron E. and Carrie L. Record Fund

Dr. Daniel Roselle - Class of 1956-1957 Scholarship

Margaret Sawkins-Hastie Award (alumna, ’44)

Ruth Meda Cutis Wheeler Scholarship

Colonel C. Ross Willson '39 and Phyllis Willson Scholarship '39

Marjorie E. Woods Scholarship

Sanford and Lillian Zeman Award

* Department Funds

Educational Development Program

Educational Development Program*

The Gregory Fund

Jeffrey J. Wallace Leadership and Excellence Endowment (alumnus '68)

Ralph Wilson Jr. EDP Book Award

* Department Funds


1929 Graduate’s Award - Nineteenth Century Literature

John and Eleanor A. Courts Memorial Scholarship

Albert A. Dunn Memorial Scholarship/Book Grant Endowment

English Department*

Crescence Ehmke Graham Scholarship

Terry Mosher "Writing the Natural World" Award

Mac Nelson Scholarship

Henry F. Salerno Scholarship

Dr. Robert and Joanne L. Schweik Scholarship

Howard Herkimer and Hildegarde Maytum Strong Scholarship (alumni 1911)

Mary Louise White Fund

* Department Funds

Environmental Sciences

Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Bruce and Nancy Garlapow Memorial Scholarship (alumni ’74, ’75, respectively)

Herbert Clark Mackie and Marion C. Mackie Award

Willard Stanley Memorial Scholarship


Award for Spatial Studies

Walther M. Barnard Scholarship

Walther M. Barnard Geosciences Lab Endowment

Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Florence M. Eikenburg Scholarship in Geosciences

Fahnestock Memorial Fund

Geographic Information Systems*

Geosciences Alumni Scholarship Fund

Geosciences Department*

Gary and Eileen Lash Geosciences Scholarship

Roy A. MacDiarmid Award

Susan J. Mara Scholarship (alumna, ’73)

Dr. Robert Maytum Scholarship

Mark D. and April Hoefner Orgren Scholarship (alumni '75 '76, respectively)

Paul D. Willette Scholarship (alumnus, ’70)

* Department Funds

Graduate Studies

Mitchell R. Burkowsky Memorial Award

Clifton Scholarship (alumna '66)

Len and Carole Faulk Graduate Scholarship

Granger Percussion Graduate Award (alumnus '66)

Robert and Elinor Grennell Scholarship

Kristen M. Luther Memorial Scholarship (alumna '01, '02)

Mallette Family Scholarship

Suzanne McLain Scholarship

Schaffer Family Scholarship

Rebecca Snyder Memorial Scholarship (alumna '83)


David H. Carnahan Scholarship

William and Helen Chazanof Award

Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Kenneth E. Cutler

Graebner-Bennett History Department Cultural Fund

History Department*

History Department Endowment

Kim Korhummel Scholarship

MacPhee Scholarship

John J. and Helen B. Mancuso Scholarship (alumnus '56)

Robert and Marilyn Maytum Scholarship

Robert f Sabia Endowment

Zimmer History Scholarship

* Department Funds

International Education

Graham E. Andrus Memorial Scholarship

Alice Bartlett Memorial Award

Deming Family International Scholarship

Debbie Joy Scholarship (alumna '76)

Raymond Lai Scholarship (alumnus '75)

Nancy Libby International Travel Endowment

Lundquist International Fellowship

Xylia Peterson Memorial Fund (alumna '85)

Winch Endowment Fund


Carnahan-Jackson Library Endowment

William and Helen Chazanof Award

Jack T. Ericson Endowment

Friends of Reed Library

Holland Land Company Project

Holocaust Library Fund

Litchfield-French Local History Fund

Nichols Fund*

C. Malcolm and Jeanette Nichols Fund

Reed Library*

Reed Library Endowment

Robert f Sabia Endowment for Library Archives

Schaffer Family Library Fund

Zweig Collection*

* Department Funds

Mathematical Sciences

John Beck Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth and Mary Boynton Scholarship in Mathematical Sciences

Mark Buckenmeyer Scholarship

Feng Chiang Scholarship

Myron T. Dana Scholarship

Santa A.B. DiPasquale Memorial Scholarship

Mathematics Department*

Mathematics Endowment

Earl G. Mathewson Scholarship

Frank R. Olson Scholarship

Dr. Nelson and Louise A. Wood Scholarship

* Department Funds


School of Music Scholarships are awarded to qualified new and returning students. A prospective student whose audition for admission is outstanding will be considered for music scholarships. Scholarships for returning music students are awarded on the basis of music talent, academic achievement, service to the School of Music, and other criteria specified by the awards.

Carol Hepp Adragna Music Education Scholarship (alumna ’66)

Charles D. Arnold Scholarship

Donald Bohlen Music Composition Scholarship

Lucia Gracia Bolton Scholarship

Bromeley Piano Scholarship (alumna ’81)

Lisa Nielsen Burkett Piano Scholarship

Elizabeth S. Carlyon Scholarship for Piano Performance

Class of 1953 Award for Excellence in Music Education

Class of 1954 Scholarship

Class of 1955 Scholarship

Class of 1965 Scholarship

Max and Anne Davis Piano Scholarship

Diers Family Endowment

John C. Dubnicki Jr. Scholarship

John C. Dubnicki Sr. Scholarship

Charles C. Eikenburg Scholarship in Opera/Vocal Performance

Craig Einhorn Guitar Award and Fellowship

Charles R. and Shirley Miller Erbsmehl Music Scholarship (alumna ’58)

David Evans Voice Performance Scholarship

Frazeur Percussion Scholarship

Friends Forever – Class of 1958 Scholarship

Friends of Music Fund*

Dr. Homer Garretson and Dr. Louis Richardson String Scholarship

Corinne D. Gast Memorial Scholarship (alumna '44)

Granger Percussion Graduate Award (alumnus '66)

Lois V. and Herbert W. Harp Scholarship

Dr. Robert Hesse Violin Scholarship Endowment (alumnus '53)

Hillman Memorial Music Association Endowment

Hillman Opera Fund*

The Donald F. Iannuzzi Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Mamie and Ira Jordan Minority Scholarship

Robert Jordan Piano Scholarship

Kilduff Voice Scholarship

Harry A. King Scholarship

Lenox-Denton Scholarship

Matthew V. Lucas Scholarship

Lundquist International Fellowship

Lyric Arts International*

John A. Maier Scholarship

Addie and Howard Marsh Memorial Music Composition Scholarship (alumnus '37)

Elizabeth Marsh Memorial Scholarship

Howard Marsh Memorial Scholarship (alumnus '37)

Robert W. Marvel Fund

Robert and Marilyn Maytum Music Scholarship

Virginia Whipple Maytum Music Scholarship

Harry Milgram-David Luterman Scholarship in Music Therapy

Lauren Miller Memorial Scholarship

Monroe-Poummit Big Band Award (alumni ’34, ’33)

Vincent Morette Memorial Scholarship (alumnus ’58)

New York State Federation of Home Bureaus/Elizabeth Marsh Scholarship

Oasis Guitar Jury Award

Sid Olshein Memorial Scholarship

Frank A. and Maureen Pagano Scholarship (alumna '66)

Percussion Fund*

A.J. Pierce Scholarship

Poummit Concert Master Award (alumnus ’33)

Poummit Faculty Recognition Award in Memory of Vivian Robe and Catherine Lane (alumnus '33)

Sigurd M. Rascher Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Juliet J. Rosch School of Music Endowment (alumna ’30)

Lawrence Schauffler Scholarship

School of Music*

School of Music Scholarship

Dr. Richard Sheil Memorial Music Scholarship

Greg Snow Music Technology Award

SoonRan Foundation Endowment for Music Theory

Claudette Sorel Piano Scholarship Endowment

Isaac Stern String Scholarship

Anthony S. Strychalski Memorial Scholarship

A.L. Van Keuren Music Scholarship

Francella Pattyson Widmer Endowment

Constance Willeford Award for Music Therapy

George L. Wurtz String Bass Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Shuler Wyckoff Scholarship (alumna ’30)

Bob and Betty Young Endowment

* Department Funds


Philosophy Department*

* Department Funds


Hack Arroe Memorial Scholarship

John J. Connelly Physics Scholarship

Dennis R. and Kathryn L. Costello Scholarship (alumnus '72)

Dr. Robert Maytum Scholarship

Pendyala I

Pendyala II

Physics Department Endowment

Physics Development Fund*

Physics Research Fund

* Department Funds

Political Science

Erna G. and J. Murdoch Dawley Memorial Scholarship

Morgan Dowd Pre-Law Fund

Fredonia Alumni Lawyers Scholarship

Dr. James Hurtgen Endowment

Jon and Wilma Kraus Scholarship

Michael J. Livingston Memorial Scholarship (alumnus '89)

Robert and Marilyn Maytum Scholarship

Political Science Alumni Endowment

Political Science Department Fund*

Political Science Faculty Endowment

John R. Quatroche Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Political Science

Schiavone Family Endowment (alumnus '78)

J.R. Soukup Pi Sigma Alpha Scholarship

* Department Funds


Donald John Lehr Endowment

Psychology Department Fund*

Psychology Endowment

* Department Funds


James D. Burdick Memorial Fund

David H. Carnahan Student/Faculty Research Endowment

Lake Shore Savings Science Education Outreach Endowment

Making a Difference Endowment for Scholarship and Research in Environmental Leadership

Dr. Robert Maytum Scholarship

Lawrence A. Patrie Science Scholarship

Science Equipment Endowment Fund

Sons of Karen West

Social Work

Social Work Fund*

* Department Funds


Sociology Department Fund*

* Department Funds

Sport Management and Exercise Science

Health, Wellness and Recreation Fund*

* Department Funds

Theatre and Dance

1929 Graduate’s Award - Classical Ballet

Alice Bartlett Memorial Award

The Harry John Brown and Paul W. Mockovak Award in Musical Theatre (alumnus '77)

Jack L. Cogdill Scholarship

Keith Cronin Memorial Scholarship

Robert L. Gloor Endowment for Theatre and Dance (alumnus '96)

Walter Gloor Scholarship

Trent Illig Memorial Scholarship (alumnus '96)

Tim Douglas Jensen Class of 1990 Scholarship Fund

Robert W. Marvel Fund

Gertrude Prushaw Maytum Scholarship

Midtown Realty Musical Theatre Endowment

John S. Mintun Scholarship

New York State Federation of Home Bureaus/Sally Bulger Scholarship

Playground Drama Day Camp

Carol Prevet Dance Scholarship

Mary and Steve Rees Rising Junior Award for Technical Production

Paul F. and Mary Joyce Schaefer Scholarship

Michael Shook Tools for Success Award (alumnus '89)

Theatre and Dance Department Fund*

Bea Ullman Scholarship

Dr. Georgiana von Tornow Endowment

Bruce K. Walford Scholarship (alumnus '76)

* Department Funds


Smith-Viggiani Veterans Scholarship

Visual and Performing Arts

Eileen Star Batrouny Scholarship for the Visual and Performing Arts (alumna '67)

Marion Fellowship for the Visual and Performing Arts (alumna '79)

Robert W. Marvel Fund

Florence and Cynthia Norton Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Arts

Visual Arts and New Media

Art Gallery Fund

Alford Bjurlin Art Scholarship

George Booth Visual Arts Scholarship

Chautauqua Craft Alliance Award for Excellence in Art

Colonel David Correll Imaging Scholarship

Fredonia Potter’s Co-op Scholarship

Graphic Arts Account*

Thomas E. Malinoski Endowment for the Visual Arts

Marano/Gnirke Scholarship

Cathy and Jesse Marion Art Gallery Endowment (alumna '79)

Robert W. Marvel Fund

Media Arts Fund*

Carl J. Nordell Art Gallery Endowment

Carl J. Nordell Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Daniel D. Reiff Art History Scholarship

Visual Arts Department Fund*

Rodney W. Welling Memorial Scholarship

Wendel Scholarship

* Department Funds

Women's Studies

Jeanette McVicker Scholarship for Women's Studies

Women's History/Studies Fund*

* Department Funds

World Languages and Cultures

Myron T. Dana Scholarship

Thomas Goetz-Robert Rie Scholarship for Excellence in the Modern Languages

Modern Languages and Literatures*

* Department Funds

Other Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and awards listed below are awarded to incoming students and continuing students who demonstrate outstanding academic aptitude, financial need and/or personal qualifications, and who have been recommended by the University Scholarship Committee. Separate applications are not always required. In some cases qualified students are automatically considered for selected scholarships and awards based on pre-established criteria.

Alumax Scholarship

Alumni Scholarships

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarship

Graham E. Andrus Memorial Scholarship

Dallas K. and Elizabeth W. Beal Award

Jessica Mary Beal Scholarship

Beaver Club Scholarship

Dr. Paul G. Blanchet Students with Disabilities Scholarship (alumna '88)

Borzilleri-Gugino Scholarship (alumni ’14, ’26, ’28)

Dr. Roland C. Burton Scholarship

The Buster Brown Bean Company Scholarship Fund

Ruth Tice Callahan Award

Carnahan-Jackson Scholarship

Mary B. and Joseph A. Caruso Memorial Scholarship

Brenda S. Chiappetta Memorial Endowment

Class of 1939 Scholarship

Class of 1942 and 1943 Scholarship

Class of 1950 Scholarship

Class of 1952 Scholarship

Laura B. Cole Scholarship

Evelyn Lawson Coleman President’s Scholarship (alumna ’29)

Robert E. and Shirley P. Coon Recognition Award (alumni ’50, '65)

Council for Women’s Concerns/Marion Sonnenfeld Scholarship

Patrick R. Damore Scholarship Fund

Midge Dean Memorial Scholarship

Deming Family International Scholarship

L. Michael Dimitri Scholarship

Kelly Early Scholarship

Robert and Edith B. Eck Scholarship

Empire State Minority Scholarship

Faculty/Staff Scholarships

Faculty Student Association Fredonia Scholarship Award

Faculty Student Association President’s Scholarship

Len and Carole Faulk Graduate Scholarship

Fiat Lux (Let there be light)

William E. Finn and Rachel Martinez-Finn Endowment Fund (alumni '83, '82, respectively)

Foundation Freshman Scholarships

Fredonia Rotary Scholarship

Malcolm J. French Memorial Scholarship

Maureen Fries Scholarship

Joseph T. Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

Steve and Parker Goldstein Endowment (alumnus ’89)

Willie Mae Goodwine Scholarship

Zola Graf Scholarship

The Gregory Fund

Robert and Elinor Grennell Scholarship

Lena M. Harmon Scholarship

Velyne and Lynn A. Hawkins Scholarship

Fanny A. Hayward Award

Dennis and Jan Hefner Presidential Scholarship

S.C.W. Hom Parent Scholarship

Harold Hopkins Memorial Scholarship

Manjiro Inoue Fund

International Student Assistance Fund

Franklin Nelson and Harriet Lyon Jewett Fund

Marlene E. Jimerson Native American Scholarship (alumna ’98)

Mamie and Ira Jordan Minority Scholarship

Keeper of the Dream

George and Elane King Award

Kourelis/Stavrides Award for Outdoor Interests (alumna ’46)

Raymond Lai Scholarship (alumnus ’75)

Lake Shore Savings Scholarship

Charlotte Putnam Landers Scholarship

Lanford Presidential Prize

Horace O. Lanza Scholarship (alumnus 1899)

Michael J. Livingston Memorial Scholarship (alumnus '89)

Lundquist International Fellowship

M & T Keeper of the Dream Scholarship

Dorothy French Manley Scholarship

David E. Manly Scholarship

Maytum Family President’s Scholarship

Vivian R. McCullor Scholarship

Jeanette Wheeler Mills Scholarship

Stephen Morse Memorial Fund (alumnus ’92)

Nabta Scholarship

Jenny Crecraft Olsen Award

Anthony Patti Memorial Scholarship

Patton/Kirkland Memorial Fund

Xylia Peterson Memorial Fund (alumna ’85)

Morris and Marian Poummit Scholarship (alumnus '33)

Robert R. Rie Fund

Barbara Rose Memorial Scholarship

Patricia M. Rushboldt Credit Union Scholarship

Betty Norr Saveth Scholarship

Lawrence M. Silvio Memorial Scholarship

Kurt and Sibylla Sonnenfeld Scholarship

Steele Family Scholarships

Thomas Stocky Memorial Scholarship

John R. Symans Memorial Endowment

Undergraduate Alumni Council

Valvo-Ringler-Bozzella Scholarship

Wal-Mart Scholarship

Waring Family Work Ethic Scholarship (alumnus '80)

Wilma E. Watson Memorial Scholarship (alumna ’19)

Welch’s/National Scholarship

Wendel Scholarship

William and Mary J. Whipple Keeper of the Dream

Louise E. Wilder Scholarship

Yvonne Wilensky Scholarship

Theresa Dubnicki and Lawrence Williams Scholarship

Winch Endowment Fund

Woods and Earl Memorial Fund (alumna ’21)

Special Funds

The following funds are held by the Fredonia College Foundation and used for the enhancement of university programs:

25 Year Anniversary Gifts

50 Year Anniversary Gifts

Alumni House Fund

Jurgen P. Banse-Fay Production Management Internship Award (alumnus ’88)

Dallas K. Beal Community Access Fund

Campus and Community Children's Center Endowment

Carnahan-Jackson Fund for the Humanities

Grant Cooper Endowment

Counseling Center Fund

DFT Communications Technology Endowment Fund

Amy Elizabeth Everett Memorial Award

European Union Institute Fund

Excelco Developments, Inc. and Newbrook Machine Corporation Scholarship

Dr. John A. and Joan L. Glenzer Endowment (alumnus '57)

William T. and Charlotte Hagan Young Scholar/Artist Award

Hahn Family Freedonia Marxonia Fund

Health Services Administration

Dennis and Jan Hefner Presidential Scholarship

E. Louise Hoag Opera Fund

Holocaust Genocide Fund

Franklin Nelson and Harriet Lyon Jewett Fund

Dianne Kricheldorf Fund for Supporting Fredonia as a Global Community (alumna '54)

Leadership Program

Olga Cielnicky Leone Fund (alumna '47)

Sara Jane Lippincott Fund (alumna 1844)

Lodge Fund

Ann James Manly Scholarship

Maytum Distinguished Lecture Endowment

Multicultural Affairs Fund

Native American Consortium Fund

Phyllis W. and Lawrence A. Patrie Endowment for the Sciences

Poummit Secretarial Award in Memory of Janet Marks (alumnus ’33)

President's Award for Excellence

Public Safety Programs Fund

Recruitment Initiative Scholarship

Residence Life Fund

Rockefeller Arts Center Fund

Rockefeller Arts Center Endowment Fund

Juliet J. Rosch School of Music Endowment (alumna ’30)

Sean Ryan Memorial Fund

Barbara Saletta Meritorious Service Award

John Saulitis Humanities Fund

Roger C. Seager Presidential Scholarship

Senior Challenge Endowments

Leslie J. and Ethel H. Shaw Community Fund

Marybeth Smith Endowment (alumna '52)

Calista Lewis Steele Fund (alumna 1827)

John L. Stroub Scholarship Fund

Student Affairs Fund

T.J. Summers Scholarship

Turkish Student Fund

V-Day Campaign

Pearl B. Vallance Arts Center Fund

WCVF Public Radio Fund

Williams Visiting Professorship

Winch Endowment Fund

W.N.Y. School Press Association Fund

Bob and Betty Young Emergency Grant Endowment

Henry C. Youngerman Center Equipment Fund

Unrestricted Endowments

For priority needs determined by the Fredonia President or Fredonia College Foundation Board of Directors:

Dorothy L. Anderson Memorial Endowment
Gertrude Maytum Garland Endowment

Walter Gotowka Family Endowment (alumni ’81, ’80, respectively)

Kathryn Hakes Endowment

Arthur R. Johnson Endowment (alumnus '56)

Rick and Michele Johnson Family Endowment (alumna '73)

Mintun Family Fund

Al Newman Fund

George and Barbara Luke Weaver Fund (alumna ’44)