Freshmen Forgiveness

This option is designed primarily for students who get off to a bad start as freshmen, perhaps because they begin in a major for which they are ill suited. A student applies for this option after changing his or her major and improving academically, but before the completion of 50 credits. The option allows up to 18 credits of "D" or "F" grades to be excluded from the student's grade point average, although the student will lose credit when a "D" grade is forgiven. In the application for Freshmen Forgiveness, the applicant must indicate why other options (such as the Course Repeat option, or the later course withdrawal deadline for freshmen) were or are not being exercised. Typically, Freshmen Forgiveness will be applied to courses that were taken to satisfy program requirements that no longer apply, due to a change in major. In particular, courses that were taken solely to satisfy General Education Program requirements, or as electives, should generally be repeated rather than forgiven. The application form for Freshmen Forgiveness is available through the Registrar's web page, under "Academic Policies."