Course Auditing

Subject to faculty and department approval, certain academic courses may be audited. The instructor is under no obligation to assess a course auditor's homework, class contributions, or examinations. The auditor receives no grade for the course, nor is any course transcript generated by the Registrar's office. Once enrolled, students may not change their enrollment status from audit to credit, or from credit to audit.

Any person wishing to audit a course must obtain and complete an Audit Form from the Office of Lifelong Learning whether a fee is required or not. The completed form must have the approval and signatures of: the chair of the department offering the course, and the course instructor.

Currently-enrolled, full-time students, currently employed faculty and staff, and Fredonia emeriti faculty and staff, may audit courses without paying a registration fee. For all others, a non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged. Audit privileges are not available in non-credit courses offered through the Office of Lifelong Learning and Special Programs; nor in any internship, directed study, practicum, or foreign study program/course.