Governance and Policy

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a standing committee of the University Senate charged with oversight of the academic integrity of graduate studies at Fredonia. In this capacity, Graduate Council supports the development of master's degrees and advanced certificate programs that provide a sound education for graduate students, lead to advanced qualification in the professions and disciplines, and generate new knowledge through research and publications by its faculty and students. The committee's primary functions are: to monitor academic standards; to approve new graduate program and course creation and revisions; to develop standards for admission; to oversee matriculation and graduation standards; and to recommend new and/or revised graduate programs and policies to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the University Senate. An annual report of all actions taken and policies recommended is sent to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Executive Committee of the University Senate.

The Graduate Council consists of one appointed faculty member representing each department with a graduate program; three elected members from the faculty-at-large: two from the College of Arts and Sciences; one from the College of Education; one graduate student appointed by the Graduate Council; and the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research who serves as the presiding officer. Appointed members serve at the discretion of their departments. Elected representatives serve three-year terms. Council members starting in Fall 2013 include the following:

Jeanette McVicker, Chair, English

Karry Kaziel, Vice Chair, Biology

Mira T. Berkley, Curriculum and Instruction

Ralph Blasting, College of Visual and Performing Arts

William Boerner,  Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Roger Byrne, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Science Education

KimMarie Cole, ESL Program

Patricia J. Corron, School of Music

Wendy S. Dunst, Graduate Studies

Matthew Fountain, Chemistry

Keary J. Howard, Mathematical Sciences

Lauren M. Kicak, Graduate Studies

Jamar Pickreign, College of Education

Mary Sasso, International Education Center

Scott Saunders, Registrar

Eric Skowronski, Lifelong Learning

Anna Thibodeau, Language, Learning & Leadership

Kim Tillery, Communication Disorders and Sciences

Jonathan Townsend, Graduate Student Organization

Birger Vanwesenbeeck, English

Kerrie Wilkes, Reed Library