Leadership Program


The Leadership Program through Student Affairs offers workshops for freshmen and sophomores who are nominated by SUNY Fredonia and staff. The workshops are designed to introduce students to leadership theories. The junior and senior program introduces students to tasks, strategies and skills of effective leadership. Course activities move students from theory to practice of leadership skills through the use of experiential learning, oral expression, and teamwork activities. For additional information about the Leadership Program, please call (716) 673-3143 or email leadership.program@fredonia.edu.

Note: The Leadership Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program offered through Academic Affairs that requires 21 credit hours of course work, offering classes from the following disciplines: global, communication, groups and organizations and presentation skills, as well as internship credit. The Leadership Studies minor is selective. Applications must be submitted via the program requirements (see Leadership Studies program information). The Leadership Program and the Leadership Studies program work together to provide unique experiences for SUNY Fredonia students. For additional information about the Interdisciplinary Studies - Leadership Studies minor, please call (716) 673-3679 or email leadership.studies@fredonia.edu.