WOST Womens Studies

WOST 304 Latina Literary and Cultural Studies

An examination of contemporary Latina literary productions in the context of representations of Latinas in mainstream U.S. society. The focus of the course is on women of Hispanic descent living and writing in the United States, including work by and about Chicanas, Puerto Ricans, Dominican Americans, and Cuban Americans. Previous course work in Latina/Latino literature not required, but some previous course work related to African American or other ethnic literature, women's literature/feminism, and/or film studies is strongly recommended. Cross-listed as ENGL 304/INDS 304.


WOST 400 Portfolio Completion

Required for all Women's Studies majors. Involves compilation of papers from courses in the Women's Studies core, reflecting engagement with the goals of the major. Must be taken concurrently with WOST 401 Feminist Theory.



WOST 401

WOST 401 Feminist Practice

Directed study of student's own area of interest within women's studies, serving as a capstone to the interdisciplinary experience of the Women's Studies Program. The capstone may be a final project, undergraduate thesis, or community-based internship. For Women's Studies majors and minors only. Includes a required weekly meeting time with all feminist practice enrollees.


WOST 405 French Women Writers

An evaluation of the contributions of French women writers to the social, economic, and political institutions which form the basis of Western philosophical tradition.


Cross Listed Courses

LANG 405

WOST 406 Women in French Literature

An examination of how texts about women written by Francophone males have through history described women, defined their lives and destinies in keeping with the needs and requirements of these writers.


Cross Listed Courses

LANG 406

WOST 450

Participation in on-campus or off-campus professional and subject related experience. Requires learning contract proposal prepared in consultation with direct supervisor and faculty sponsor, describing the experience, learning goals, and method of evaluation. Approval of Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator required in advance.


WOST 490 Independent Study

For non-Women's Studies minors only. Independent Study of an issue using gender as a primary category of analysis. Students must find an instructor willing to supervise the project - all disciplines are appropriate. Students must develop a proposal, obtain necessary approval of instructor and obtain final approval from the Women's Studies director.