EXSC 401 Senior Seminar in Exericse Science

This is the capstone course for exercise science and will bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate Education and careers. Discussion items will provide a broad context for knowledge about the field of exercise science gained throughout the undergraduate years. Part of this process will involve exploring connections between both oneself and the educational/career opportunities the field of exercise science.


EXSC 410 Advanced Exercise Physiology I

This course will expose students to advanced concepts in both applied and exercise physiology.  The course will expose students to theoretical and clinical physiological research with regard to various forms of exercise.


BIOL 245 and BIOL 246

EXSC 420 Advanced Exercise Physiology II

This course is designed to cover principles related to exercise circumstances which include analysis of the effect of exercise on human physiologic function.  Special focus will be given to physiological responses of the nervous and endocrine systems to various forms of exercise.


EXSC 410