ETHN 304 Latina Literature and Cultural Studies

An examination of contemporary Latina literary productions in the context of representations of Latinas in mainstream U.S. society. The focus of the course is on women of Hispanic descent living and writing in the United States, including work by and about Chicanas, Puerto Ricans, Dominican Americans, and Cuban Americans. Previous course work in Latina/Latino literature not required, but some previous course work related to African American or other ethnic literature, women's literature/feminism, and/or film studies is strongly recommended.


ETHN 359 Ethnicity and Race

Interdisciplinary approach to race and ethnicity in the United States and other contemporary multiethnic/multiracial societies. Because these courses are equivalents, students who have earned credit for HIST/INDS/WOST 220 are not able to earn credit for this course.


ETHN 389 Special Topics

Creating an ETHN specific course different from the INDS version.