Academic Organization of the Campus

Below is a listing of the Deans, Associate and Assistant Provosts, and Associate Deans all reporting to the Provost. All of the 79 Undergraduate programs, 16 Graduate degree programs, and 7 Advanced Certificate programs registered with the State University of New York and New York State Education Department, fall under one or more of the individuals listed below.

Division of Academic Affairs

Dr. Terry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

801 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3335

Dr. Adrienne McCormick, Interim Assistant Provost for Special Initiatives

803 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-4708

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. John Kijinski, Dean

806 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173

School of Business

Dr. Russell Boisjoly, Dean

709 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-4813

College of Education

Dr. Christine Givner, Dean

704 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3311

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Ralph Blasting, Dean

807 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3174

Graduate Studies

701 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3808

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Roger Byrne, Associate Dean for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

804 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173

General Education (CCC)

Dr. Melinda Karnes, Associate Provost for Curriculum & Academic Support

810 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3717

Associate Deans

Dr. Roger Byrne, Associate Dean

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

804 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173

Dr. Jamar Pickreign, Associate Dean

College of Education

706 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3311