Office of Veterans Affairs

Office: 151 Nixon Hall

(716) 673-3423

Benjamin Hartung, Systems Adminstrator

SUNY Fredonia takes pride in serving the men and women in uniform and assisting them in their educational goals. Located on the main floor of Nixon Hall, the Veterans Affairs Office, (716) 673-3423, provides information, advice and processes the paperwork for the certification of veterans educational benefits. The office is staffed by part-time student veteran employees under the supervision of the Veterans Affairs Office Coordinator and is open for business Monday through Friday; however, hours of operation will vary and be posted on the office door. The Office of Veterans Affairs can also be reached by emailing

Please note that SUNY Fredonia provides special services to students receiving VA educational entitlements:

  • Late Fee Waivers - Please visit the Student Accounts office web page for further details at
  • Tutoring - The SUNY Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office participates in the GI Bill Tutorial Assistance Program.
  • VA Work-Study Program - The SUNY Fredonia Veterans Office participates in the federal VA Work-Study Program.
  • Counseling Services - Trained staff with in the Counseling Center provide confidential counseling services.
  • On-Campus Housing Residency - While SUNY Fredonia requires all freshmen and sophomores to reside on-campus unless they live within 50 miles of the University, this residency requirement is waived for all students who have served on active duty and are receiving VA educational entitlements.
  • Deployments Without Penalty - Students serving in the military that are placed on active duty during a semester may withdraw and return to the university normally without academic penalty. However, it is left to the discretion of the course instructor to determine the appropriate course of action depending on the course of study. Students will need to provide the university a copy of official orders and follow the normal Leave of Absence Policy and Continuing Enrollment.
  • Military Credit Evaluation - SUNY Fredonia will evaluate all military transcripts (AARTS, SMARTS, ACE etc.) and provide as much transfer credit as possible in accordance with the program of study and university policies.

SUNY Fredonia has created the Veterans Affairs Support Team which includes specific staff members across campus from key departments who specialize in assisting students with veterans related issues. The departments include the following: Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, Counseling Center, Academic Advising, Student Accounts and Career Development.