Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

Those veterans or dependents who are, or feel they are, eligible for federal financial assistance through the Veterans Administration should contact the Coordinator, Office of Veterans Affairs, in Nixon Hall at (716) 673-3423 or email Students are urged to begin their VA paperwork before the beginning of the school term in order to hasten processing. To further facilitate the start of benefits, the veteran, or their dependents who intend to utilize VA educational entitlements, should present pertinent data, such as the Social Security number, VA claim number, Certificate of Eligibility, DD214 Member 4 copy, and any other VA claim information.

The Veteran Affairs office is staffed by the coordinator and two veteran students who provide routine certification of enrollments. The staff also monitors student progress, and is available for information and referral for problems that might arise. Policy among various administrative offices, as it relates to VA recipients, is also coordinated through the Veteran Affairs office. The coordinator is in liaison with the Regional Office in Buffalo, N.Y., for those situations that might need special attention.