LANG 400 Special Topics in Languages and Literatures

Special areas in foreign languages and literatures not covered by regular courses.


LANG 405 French Women Writers

An evaluation of the contributions of French women writers to the social, economic and political institutions which form the basis of Western philosophic tradition.


Cross Listed Courses

WOST 405

LANG 406 Women in French Literature

An examination of how texts about women written by francophone males have through history described women, defined their lives and destinies in keeping with the needs and requirements of these writers.


Cross Listed Courses

WOST 406

LANG 410 Directed Study

Individual supervised study of a particular area or topic in any of the department's language or literature offerings. Periodic meetings with instructor; writing of a substantial paper.


LANG 415 Bulgaria Study Tour

A two-three week study/travel tour of Bulgaria. First week in Sofia includes lectures and visits to various government business and social organizations. Following would be travel to key cities and historical sites around Bulgaria. Possible side trip to Istanbul.



LANG 315 or INTL 305