INED 400 Study Abroad

Opportunities for study abroad as arranged through the Office of International Education.


INED 401 Study Abroad - Aichi University, Japan

Conveniently located along the Tokyo-Osaka corridor, Aichi University is close to Kyoto and Nara, two of Japan's most popular tourist and resort areas. The summer language and culture program is for students interested in learning Japanese and offers a unique opportunity for intensive daily language instruction and cultural excursions to places such as the Toyota Motor Co., Nagoya City and Nagoya Castle. Students live in residence halls with other international students. Meals are self catered.


INED 402 Study Abroad - American University in Bulgaria

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is a highly selective private university that attracts students and faculty from all around the world. Located in the city of Blagoevgrad, AUBG is one hour from the capital of Sofia. AUBG offers an American style liberal arts education taught in English. Students interested in American Studies, Business Administration, History, International Studies, Journalism and Political Science will find the curriculum stimulating. Fredonia students share double rooms with Bulgarians.


INED 403 Study Abroad - IAU in Aix en Provence, France

Founded in 1957, the Institute for American Universities (IAU) is one of the oldest and largest education abroad programs in Europe. IAU's program offers a cross cultural environment that stimulates intellectual vigor, reflection and personal growth. Students take courses in European studies, all levels of French, and literature courses conducted in French and humanities and social science courses conducted in English. Housing is with host families.


INED 404 Study Abroad - Northumbria University, England

Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city known for its vibrant cultural life, is home to Northumbria University and nearly 30,000 students studying in 500 undergraduate and graduate programs. The very modern campus has wireless Internet throughout, single residence halls, and athletic facilities. Instruction is delivered via lectures, workshops, and tutorials The British Colloquium course, a requirement for full time visiting students, covers the history and culture of Britain and includes regular cultural excursions.


INED 405 Study Abroad - University Autonoma Benito Juarez, Mexico

Founded in 1974 as the Language Center of the Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, it serves over 1,500 students and offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Zapotec. The language courses are offered at six levels, from beginning to advanced, in small group settings. It has been designed to develop basic language skills and to help use language in real-life scenarios with a Mexican context. Housing is with host families to further immersion in the life and culture of Oaxaca.


INED 408 Study Abroad - Music Conservatory of Seville, Spain

The Conservatorio Superior de Musica Manuel Castillo de Sevilla, a conservatory of international stature, prepares students for the music profession. There are five distinct specialties: instrumental instruction, composition, musicology, choir conducting, and pedagogy. Although some instruction is offered in English, students will need to understand Spanish at an intermediate level to fully participate. Intensive language instruction is available at the University of Seville prior to classes beginning in the fall. Housing is with host families.


INED 409 Study Abroad - Izmir University of Economics

Founded in 2001, Izmir University of Economics offers courses in business, computer science, art and design, economics, international relations, psychology, journalism and many others that can be taken to fulfill SUNY Fredonia degree requirements. Courses are taught in English. IUE is located in the coastal city of Izmir, 200 miles from Istanbul.


INED 437 Study Abroad - University of the Sunshine Coast Australia

Founded in 1998, The University of the Sunshine Coast offers courses in the arts, education, humanities, business and sciences that can be taken to fulfill SUNY Fredonia degree requirements. It is located one hour north of Brisbane on the Mooloolaba coast.


INED 438 Study Abroad - UPAEP Mexico

Founded in 1973, the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla offers courses in arts, business, education, humanities, language and sciences that can be taken to fulfill SUNY Fredonia degree requirements. While most courses are taught in Spanish, UPAEP also offers a selection of courses in English. UPAEP is located in the city of Puebla.


INED 439 Study Abroad - St. Petersburg University Russia

Founded in 1755, St. Petersburg University offers courses in the arts, education, humanities, business and sciences that can be taken to fulfill SUNY Fredonia degree requirements. Courses are offered in English and Russian. The University is located in the city of St. Petersburg, about 450 miles from Moscow.


INED 450 International Internship

Opportunities for international internships as arranged through the Office of International Education.


INED 451 Study Abroad - Washington, D.C.

Prior selection required.


INED 499 International - Special Topics

This is a variable content faculty-led international course. Subject is based on student and faculty interest and is arranged through the Office of International Education.