Office: 1151 Mason Hall

(716) 673-3151

Karl Boelter, Director

Patricia J. Corron, Associate Director

Barry M. Kilpatrick, Assistant Director



Curricular Area Chairs and Coordinators:

Academic Studies

Paul Murphy

Music Education

Christian Bernhard


Barry Kilpatrick

Music History/Literature

James A. Davis

Music Theory

Paul Murphy

Music Composition

Robert Deemer

Music Therapy

Joni Milgram-Luterman

Sound Recording Technology

Bernd Gottinger

Music Business (Music Track)

Harry Jacobson

Applied Studies

Sean Duggan, Keyboard

Kay H. Stonefelt, Percussion/Harp

Susan Royal, Woodwinds

Harry P. Jacobson, String

Marc J. Guy, Brass

Gwen Detwiler, Voice

The SUNY Fredonia School of Music is internationally recognized for its programs at the undergraduate and graduate professional level. It provides the foundation of outstanding musicianship for all music majors and enriches the cultural life of the campus and community. Its mission is to provide the resources and guidance necessary to motivate students to seek excellence in their individual careers in music education, performance, composition, musical theatre, music therapy and sound recording. In an environment oriented to the individual, it endeavors to create musicians who will assume vigorous roles as leaders and participants in significant musical experiences.

An audition is required for admission to a degree program in the School of Music. All first-year students have essentially the same course work, and specialization increases in each subsequent year of study.

The following section describes the degree requirements of the undergraduate degree programs in Music meet the requirements of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).