Academic Advising

The variety of programs both in major departments and in interdisciplinary areas at SUNY Fredonia requires that every student meet with an academic advisor periodically to review progress and plan his or her academic future. It is particularly important for a student to be aware of requirements for graduation including General Education requirements and those necessary to complete a chosen degree program.

Academic advisors can help students plan educational programs and keep up with new courses and programs, but students should not expect advisors to be knowledgeable about the content in detail of the many individual courses throughout the university and the teaching methods and evaluation procedures of the many individual teachers. Further, students are ultimately responsible for adhering to academic policies as stated in the University Catalog and determining that they have met degree requirements (including general education, major, and minor or concentration requirements).

At the orientation program, new students have an opportunity to discuss educational objectives with an advisor who will be knowledgeable in an area of preference and who will help students understand their schedule for the first semester. Shortly after the start of the first semester, students are assigned an academic advisor by their department. Students can find out the name of their advisor by going on the university website at, signing on to "Your Connection" and going to the General Student Information screen.

Students are required to make an appointment with their advisor prior to course selection to discuss their academic future, review their mid-semester grade report, and plan a program of study for the coming semester.

Academic advising will be successful and help students only if they actively seek advice about their education at SUNY Fredonia. Advising is one of the obligations of the university teaching profession. Students should not feel they are imposing on their advisors by discussing academic progress more than the minimum requirement of once each semester. Students are encouraged to seek advice as often as needed. It is one of the marks of a successful student.

Furthermore, if academic advising is to be successful, students should have confidence in their advisors. If students wish to change advisors, they should contact their department chairperson who will make a new assignment mutually agreeable to students and their new academic advisor.

Questions pertaining to academic advising may be directed to the Coordinator of Academic Advising & Liberal Arts, Learning Center, 4th floor Reed Library, (716)673-3188 or by checking their web page at or by emailing