Major, Minor in Economics

The department offers a major in Economics (B.A. degree) with designed fields in Business and Financial Economics; Data Analysis and Computer Applications; and Public Policy and Economics. Alternatively, with consultation and approval of the faculty advisor, the student may develop his/her own field of specialization. Thirty-six (36) credit hours of course work are required for a major in Economics. A minor, which requires 24 credit hours in economics, is also available. As an option to students majoring in Economics, the department issues a letter certifying the completion of International Economic Studies to those who complete 15 credit hours of designated course work. Students who are contemplating graduate study in Economics should consider taking the following as part of their specialization field:

Recommended Courses

ECON 400Econometrics and Business Applications


MATH 122University Calculus I


MATH 123University Calculus II


MATH 231Linear Algebra


Total Credit Hours:15

NOTE: The department strongly recommends that Economics majors take additional courses in accounting, computer science and calculus.