ENGL 100 English Composition

A writing-workshop course in which students understand and practice writing-process elements; compose essays using a variety of rhetorical strategies and research methods; and use critical reading, writing, and discussion as a means of situating themselves in a world of ideas


ENGL 106 Introduction to Literary Studies

ENGL 106 will provide students with a full semester overview of the major areas within and current approaches to literary studies. Students will gain insight into literary history, the process of and critical debates concerning canon formation, the fundamental skills and terms for effective analysis of poetry and prose, and the multiple functions and genres of literature and writing.


ENGL 111 Integrated Skills for Academic Purposes

ENGL 111 is a course for students who need to further develop their English language skills. This multi-skills course focuses on reading, writing, and communication needs essential in academic settings.


ENGL 114 ESL:Spoken and Written Grammar in Context

ENGL 114 A review of English grammar through intensive written and oral practice to promote accurate and appropriate language use for students who have already studied grammar extensively and need to refine the ability to produce acceptable academic English.


ENGL 117 ESL: Academic Reading and Writing

ENGL 117 will provide students the opportunity to further develop their academic reading and writing skills. It will focus on reading and writing strategies for academic work that will enhance fluency and accuracy, vocabulary expansion and use, and developing metacognitive awareness of the text conventions of common academic genres. Students will improve their ability to understand and respond to texts.


ENGL 160 Visiting Writers Program

The Visiting Writers Program is required for two semesters for all Writing minors in the creative writing track. Guest writers give readings and present lectures concerning the craft and process of writing, which students are required to attend. Each event offers opportunities for students to interact with the visiting writers and to discuss their craft and creative process. Writing minors are required to register for the course during the semesters when they are enrolled in their intermediate and advanced writing courses (ENGL 361, 362, 460, or 461).