EDU 671 ESOL/BE Practicum & Supervision 20 Day

A field assignment to teach ESOL/BE (K-12): Candidates with current K-6 certificates are assigned to grades 7-12. Candidates with current 7-12 certificates are assigned to grades K-6. Candidates without current certification are assigned to both K-6 and 7-12 settings Candidates with current certification complete a 20 day assignment. Supervision is provided on a one-to-one basis at the practicum site. Arrangements are made by the Office of Field Experiences. Open only to candidates in the TESOL MSEd and TESOL & BE CAS programs. Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of EDU 518, 519, 540, 568, 569 & ongoing recommendation of Department of Language, Learning & Leadership.




EDU 518 and EDU 519 and EDU 540 and EDU 568 and EDU 569


Every semester