EDU 569 Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Learners (ELLs)

Views current district assessments through psychometric and socio-cultural models of assessment focusing on how schools measure language and achievement for ELLs. Through a unified theory of construct validity, participants identify the purpose, instrument, method, and use of assessments and evaluations most appropriate and valid for ELLs. The course explores relationships of assessment to instruction, consequences of assessments, test score interpretation, state and federal assessment policies, and those assessments unique for ELLs. Participants share with other classmates examples from the classroom of both formal and informal assessments of language and content for ELLs, and develop a conceptual understanding of basic psychometric concepts (grade level equivalent, percentile rank, cut-off scores, standard error of measurement) and how best to apply these concepts in schools with language minority students.




EDU 519


EDU 567


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