EDU 100 Tutoring Theory Practice

The course is designed to lead practicing tutors into an examination, through readings and discussion of what tutoring is, why and how it works and what tutoring can and cannot accomplish in a college setting. Because the course is designed to run concurrently with practical tutoring, candidates need to apply to and be accepted by College Tutoring Services. Acceptance is based on transcript, faculty evaluation and interviews and takes place during the semester prior to that during which the course is taken. In order to earn 2 credit hours, students must attend a series of five workshops with planned activities and discussion designed to lead to greater cultural self-awareness and therefore awareness of other peoples' cultural selves.


EDU 101 First Field Experience

Adolescence Education majors are introduced to teaching by enrolling in a 25-hour observation participation experience.


EDU 105 Introduction to Contemporary Inclusive Education

Introduction to childhood and early childhood education, its principles and practices. Organization of elementary schools, planning, teaching styles, classroom management, and instructional materials are among the topics considered. Direct teaching experiences with children are an integral part of the course.



EDU 106

EDU 106 Practicum in Inclusive Education I

Provides participants an opportunity to observe classroom operations, observe and describe the many roles of teachers, conduct focused observations and interviews, conduct two formal lessons with individuals, and small or large groups of children on a teaching learning project.



EDU 105

EDU 110 Education Literature/Composition

An integration of how one writes and how one can effectively teach writing to students. Using the writing workshop approach, the courses examines principles, teaching methodologies, and techniques pertaining to the writing process from both the perspective of writer and teacher.