Women's Studies minor

Office: 241 Fenton Hall

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Jeanette McVicker, Co-Coordinator

Email: womens.studies@fredonia.edu

Office: 2113 Fenton Hall

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Carmen Rivera, Co-Coordinator

Email: womens.studies@fredonia.edu

Women’s Studies Program Office

Office: 171A Fenton Hall

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Email: womens.studies@fredonia.edu

Website: http://www.fredonia.edu/department/interdisciplinary/

Requirements for the Minor in Women’s Studies

Completion of the interdisciplinary minor requires a minimum of 21 credit hours. Up to 6 credit hours of transfer credit may be applied to the minor, based on approval by the director. No more than 9 credit hours should be used to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major. Students declaring the Women’s Studies minor may use past courses retroactively after consultation with the director.

Required Courses: (12 credit hours)

WGST 201Introduction to Gender Studies


WGST 301Theories of Gender


WGST 302Sex and Gender


WOST 401Feminist Practice


Elective Courses: Students should take at least one course from each of the content areas for the major program. Within each category, take no more than one course from each departmental prefix (other than WOST). No more than 3 credit hours of electives can be at the 200-level.