Sport and Exercise Science minor

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Bruce Klonsky, Coordinator



One of the two Interdisciplinary Studies Sport Administration/Science minors, the minor in Sport & Exercise Science offers interested students the opportunity to explore the psychological, physiological, and sociological aspects of sport. Participation in an applied outside experience (i.e., practicum/internship or independent study) is strongly recommended.

The Sport and Exercise Science minor will expose students to scientific principles and issues related to sport and exercise. The contributions of the behavioral, social and physical sciences (psychology, sociology and physiology) will be emphasized. The core courses for this program include Sport Psychology, the Sociology of Sport, and the Physiology of Exercise and Sport. Students will also be required to choose one course in each of the following concentration areas: (a) physiological bases, (b) group and organizational contexts, (c) developmental and educational issues and principles, and (d) personality, assessment, and counseling issues.

The course categories utilized in this minor are strongly influenced by the criteria that the Association for Applied Sport Psychology requires for the certification of doctoral-level professional sport consultants. This program will aid in the preparation of students for graduate work dealing with sport and exercise behavior within their discipline (e.g. psychology, sociology, kinesiology, and exercise science). It will also provide important information about sport and exercise behavior for those planning to be coaches, fitness specialists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.

Requirements for Sport and Exercise Science minor

(22-27 credit hours)

Required Core Courses:

PHED 200Human Physiology I


PHED 203Human Physiology II


PSY 237Sport Psychology


SOC 335Sociology of Sport


PSY 237 and SOC 335: prerequisite required

Elective Course: (one course)

PSY 247Health Psychology


PHED, PSY, SOC Internship

PSY 247: prerequisite required

Areas of Concentration

Physiological Bases: (one course)

PHED 315Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

PSY 351Physiological Psychology


PSY 351: prerequisite required

Group and Organizational Contexts: (one course)

PSY 355Group Dynamics


PSY 347Organizational Psychology


PSY 355 and PSY 347: prerequisite required

Developmental and Educational Issues: (one course)

EDU 225Child Development


EDU 349Educational Psychology


PSY 349Child Psychology


PSY 364Cognitive Development


PSY 365Social Development


EDU 349, PSY 349, PSY 364, and PSY 365: prerequisite required

Personality, Assessment and Counseling Issues: (one course)

PSY 317Tests and Measurements


PSY 246Personality


PSY 356Abnormal Psychology


SOC 310Sociology of Deviant Behavior


SOC 311Sociology of Addiction


PSY 317, PSY 246, and PSY 356: prerequisite required

Note: An independent study or internship in SPMG, Psychology or Sociology can be substituted for one (1) course in these areas of concentration.